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    Let our inner drive derive maximum satisfaction to us

    We all have unfinished agenda in our lives which need to be attended and for want of time and idea to tackle we postpone the issues and matters for further days. However there is every chance to reach out to the problem if we have the inner drive to take the tasks with much more enthusiasm. And just imagine the mental satisfaction which we derive when we complete the pending tasks which were long demanding our attention, And the feel of full life is felt when achieve the success after success and the aim of reaching the zenith of satisfaction is assured.

    This is the submission for TOW topic Drive.
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    We all have the tendency of postponing agendas or goals due to lack of time, resources or ideas. Many a time it so happens that it gets loaded with many other issues that the agenda that was once our priority gets to the bottom of the list and is kept on pending for days or months and sometimes for years. A time comes in life when we actually try to waft off the accumulated dust on the agenda list and try to tackle the list and finish our priority list. With a strong inner drive, there will be the time that we may complete the list and many of it may turn into success which brings joy and happiness to us and everyone around us. As mentioned a strong inner drive is required to complete the pending tasks and the satisfaction of reaching the meridian will always be much more than just a success.
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    Drive is the necessary force to attempt something in our lives or I would say anything in our lives but few people have that type of determination and strong will which means everyone does not have that kind of drive.
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    Well said. The inner drive is very important. Some times we feel lazy. We know that we have many works to do. But we will not go and start doing the work. We feel lazy and try to do some other unimportant work. That laziness is to be driven out of our mind. Then we can finish all the works as planned and we will be successful. But no external force can come and drive that out. You yourselves have to drive it out and start working for attaining the goal. A good message from the author with reference to the TOW context and he connected the word very nicely for the inner drive. Good submission. As usual the first entry.
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    It is true.
    Time and tide wait for none.
    We have complete the task as and when we get the assignments else it gets piled-up stress and confusion twinge and finally, we miss the opportunity.

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    The inner drive has a tendency to wait for the deadlines. In case a deadline is provided it starts working a few days prior to this deadline. Considering the examples of contests in ISC or competitions in our daily lives, we will find maximum entries near the deadline dates.
    The fact I want to draw your attention towards is that if we want to achieve something we first need to prepare a time sheet for that, which includes deadline for every single topic, everyday schedule and minimum task to be done. Then only our inner drive would be able to drive us better.

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    A person works or delivers in two conditions. First is when he or she is compelled to do something under some condition like he would not get salary for that month if he does not achieve that much of target. Second is when he is motivated from inside that is when he has a strong inner drive to do things. Smart and ambitious people rise in their lives because they have an inner drive to do things. Once we do a thing with full zeal using our inner drive then the performance and work quality are going to be of class and people would notice it immediately.
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    If the drive is due to the need of the inner self to have satisfaction of accomplishment, then the successful effort will give inner satisfaction.
    But if the drive is due to some other factor then it may not give inner satisfaction, but a feeling of satisfaction of the drive only.

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