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    Do you agree that online marketing became more strong due to Corona?

    Due to lockdown the local small shops flourished for some time. Once as government slowly relaxing lockdown norms, the online marketing gaining more importance in the minds of people. People realized that they have to take a lot of care for their health are preferring to get their needs through online marketing. This became a boon for such markets. Many online markets sending messages to buy goods online. Reliance fresh previously selling their grocery and home needs through their outlets. But the same company started Jio Mart App. to send all needs through home delivery. So now the small businesses people suffer a lot as these big marketers venture into quick home delivery system.
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    Online marketing was already doing well in the earlier times and there was a regular growth in this industry but the present pandemic situation and a series of lockdown has given it a big boost and impetus which otherwise would had taken a few years to achieve. During the initial lockdown these stores were not prepared for such a quantum jump in the orders and in fact couldn't deliver and many people were queuing for the delivery to the slots in next week or even next fortnight. Now these stores have streamlined the processes and still they are not able to supply all the items as for some items the demand is more than the supply. It is well known that the production output of many industries has suffered drastically and they are not able to supply the materials in time. So these stores are sending items whatever available with them to the customer and telling them to place another order for left over items so that it can be managed from the next batch of produce received from the manufacturer.
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    The corona lock down period was a blessings to some business like kirana and online shopping sites which were supplying essentials and this became very strong. But what I have got the information that due to over crowding of orders the delivery dates are staggered and one is not assured about the exact date of delivery. For example my daughter who booked the note book was delivered only in the first week of June after one and half month delay citing no transportation etc. Likewise many essentials were delayed and the very essence of ordering is lost through the online convenience.
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    I agree with author view that online marketing proved boon for us in this lockdown. Now-a-days, many people avoiding to go outside due to corona virus. So in such situation, they are completely depend upon online marketing for all item. I have noticed that where i am residing there most of the people buying grocery and vegetable item through online. I also prefer online marketing because of saving time and safety. Since last two months, online marketing is on full swing. As we place order then that item shows either out of stock or late delivery. I got many items after ten days since placing order. I think, dependency over online marketing has been increased much due to lock down. Here, in our locality some co-operative stores also started online business. People are liking their business and using this facility. I think, it would grow more in future.

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    Even before Corona, online marketing was picking up. But it has further gained popularity due to Corona. Even though the government is giving some relaxations, people are not ready to go unnecessarily for purchases. Many IT employees are working from home. They are not moving out. so they are trying to get all the items online.
    Before Carona, my sons used to get at least one courier alternative day. But now every day minimum one courier and many days it was two couriers. This is what I am seeing personally. So this activity picked up. No doubt about it. It may pick up further.
    Even clothes also are being obtained online. Vegetables we are ordering online. All general and fancy items also we are ordering online. We are going to the nearest small Kirana shop once in a while if we require any urgent items for the kitchen,
    There is every chance for this field to increase. Evening teaching is also online now. Everything is online only. This world is now full of virtual things only.

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    Online sales has come down to almost NIL during the Corona lockdown. When the relaxation started it also started reviving. But still it has not come to its original quantum. It may need some more time just like the normal life to come back to normal. Most products are not available. Production and normal activity has to resume for online trading also to come to its old glory.

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    In the beginning, there was a setback to everything as no one was prepared for such a calamity in our lives. Slowly the online marketing picked up and in fact progressed much during this time and now it is standing on a firm footing.
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    Online marketing is spreading its hands to all the essentials which a person needs to lead his daily life in peace. Sometimes it does not on time, especially the food items like pizzas or any packed food then people get frustrated.

    Shops have many discounts offers to pull the customers into its basket but we have to careful before making our choices. Dispursing of products to the containment areas may become a difficult task and people are also worried about thief's who disguise themselves as delivery boys. No matter that the provisions or essential products reach our home at our doorstep but we have to keep our house entrance away from virus infections.

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