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    Uploaded to drive successfully

    "Your data is not safe unless it is stored in three different places" - Sammy G.

    Imagine you are writing something on ISC. You are attempting it on a laptop with rapidly falling battery. Or imagine your operating system often crashes. Or the most common scenario, your internet signals are weak. There are times where your precious ISC material could be all but lost.
    But it would not if you use a notepad. You can later on post the notepad material on ISC.
    1. Save the material in form of a file.
    Imagine you cannot use your electronic device for a long time and it is going for a repair. With the time you have you, upload your text file to pendrive or CD drive or hard drive.
    2. Save it in an external drive.
    It has been a while you posted something on ISC now. So you go to a cyber cafe. You touch your pocket for pendrive or the drive you saved the file in, but alas you forgot it at home. If 'only you had mailed it to yourself. If only you had uploaded in Google drive or One drive. Infact, if only with the little internet you had, you could have started penning a draft in Google docs, which would have automatically uploaded in Google Drive.
    3. Save it in Google drive, or write a draft on google docs, which would upload your draft to drive if something happens.

    So these are my threes places to save my material. Online drives are more useful as they don't come with constraints like other two methods of saving. I like to see online drive as a tertiary memory, apart from Primary and Secondary types we learnt from school.

    But if you have not noticed, ISC offers an ingenious solution already. ISC has notes and drafts feature, which you can use in case of such problems.

    (This is my Contest entry)
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    Update: This is my second time posting this entry. Why? The first time I did, I got logged out. I knew this would happen so I saved it as a notepad file. That is why I was able to retrieve my entry, which would otherwise be lost.
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    A good note and information about using the online drives that can save information, time and content. As mentioned by the writer, many times such incidents happen that we are in the middle of a write-up or documents but there is a power failure or our PC crashes or it is saved in some other PC which we have forgotten thus cannot make the use of it but if we use the online drive, it can be retrieved or used from anywhere with just internet on our phone or school/college or place that we are working. The online drive has helped not only to save data but even easily share it to others. The online drive helps to send the link of files that we want to share with others irrespective of the size of the files or format. It has helped many the cost of the external hard disk, pen drives or CDs/DVDs. Very few people or more youths or tech-savvy people are using the online drive more often but it can be used by many but are not used to or actually don't know how to make use of it. The post will certainly help many people to understand, learn and even make use of the online drives to upload their data on online drives and use it from anywhere. All the best for the contest.
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    The author has given a different thought about saving the data in three different ways so that our data can be saved some where and retrieved later. Good try for the contest.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Good. The Tow word is connected to the hardware of the computer and explains all the details about data storage and uploading. A piece of useful information. Many times this problem will be faced by many people and the solution are known to the people who are in a similar field. But people who are not aware of the technology will get benefitted from the information given by the author. I have the practice of storing important data on desktop or documents as a file. The same file will be stored on an external hard disk. I also have Pendrive where the information will be stored. They are for back up. I store some information on Google drive also.
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    Author has given a valuable information in this post and yes it makes sense to save our data so that if we need it later due to some eventuality, we can have easy access to it. I also keep my long posts in clipboard before submitting so that in case I log out, I am able to submit it again.
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    Good to notice that you could connect the contest keyword to your practical experience. It is one of the knowledgeable information for every ISC member but suggest me how to manage the forum response. It should not be lost in the middle while we are replying.
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    It is true that once we have saved data onto these drives, they could easily be retrieved and hence even after electricity supply abruptly lost or battery level lowers randomly, the hardwork of a person can't be wasted. It is still present somewhere in the laptops, cellphones or computers, whatever we are using.
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    Whenever we are working on any electronic gadget we are storing and retrieving a lot of information from time to time. Like the one mentioned by the author while posting something on ISC and the ways to keep the posts safe in a storage device, it can happen to the list of contacts in our mobile gadgets too. In that case also we need to save the contacts in Google which can be easily retrieved later. The thread is well-written clarifying everything regarding the importance of various drives to store important data.

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    The author has used the modern and popular meaning among techies, of the keyword drive. Along with that he has given a guideline or tip o the people who are not familiar or not using external drives ,pen drives or cloud saving. He suggests Google doc or Google drive to save and store our docs to prevent accidental loss and retrieve in case of need.

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