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    A word that I love in this world is 'Drive'

    Drive is a great word that I love. Without drive, nothing will move in this world. The drive is an invisible force that compels us and helps us to move on and achieve. Anything and everything has to be driven to feel satisfied and to achieve our goals successfully.

    Despite the above, I love to drive my Padmini who is with me.
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    It is said that we can be successful only when we have a drive and zeal for doing a work. It is also said that these things come with the enthusiasm and having certain objectives in our lives. People having drive generally excel in their work.
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    The drive is very important for everyone in this modern world to have a taste of success. The interest you have in the matter will create that force in you and drive to success. When the Title I have seen, I thought it is an entry for the contest. But when I opened the message, the author has not mentioned that it for competition. The desire you have itself will drive you to success. Greater the desire the stronger the drive.
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    Mr. Rao,
    I drive, but my drive is not for competition. I am a good driver, but people won't appreciate my driving. I don't take part in driving competition with my Padmini, though she can win the race. All those on the road will forget their driving and look at my Padmini speeding fast.

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    It is really appreciable information shared by you. Every person once they are in the ocean of life will and should give value to their better half. I too enjoy the ride with my family.
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