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    What is going on in the textile trade sector?

    The actual trade from Surat, for all sorts of textile goods, is estimated to run into thousands of crores of rupees. Thanks to Coronavirus, the entire textile trade seems to be lacking momentum.,

    Customers are reluctant to buy anything new. In the smaller towns, the entire trade used to happen through the EMI mode. For example, servant maids would give the first installment of Rs100 for a saree worth Rs.800/-.

    Today. the servants are jobless. They are not being paid because they are not going to the houses of employers for doing any work. So, the textile business has been badly affected. What is going on in your cities?
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    Who said that the textile business is slow or nil and as per the author who takes one single instance and generalize the same happening across the nation. In Hyderabad the textile business is going on well and all the whole sale market where doing good business till 26th June when the cloth merchant associations called for one week shut down and the textile markets are going to open with full zeal. The country has enough stock of textiles in the shops, in the transport godown and in transit which can cater to the needs of coming festive season and therefore I am not foreseeing any threat to textile Industries.
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    I don't think the business of textiles is absolutely Zero. But, definitely. there is some reduction in turnover. It is the same in almost all areas. In Hyderabad, all cloth shops are open and business is going on, Some areas yesterday decided to close down the shops for a week as the cases of Virus are on the rise in those areas. But It may pick up after one week. But there is a rumour that there may be a lockdown again in the State of Telangana.
    But the present state of less business or no business is for a temporary period only. Things will become normal and businesses will improve further. Only thing is the uncertainty that is prevailing. This is what creating a problem for all.

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    If the situation is what you have described, that is fine. Millions have lost their jobs. Of course, every single guy is doing something. Selling vegetables door to door has now increased by four hundred percent. People are still earning some Rs 8000 to Rs. 10000. However, the position is one of insecurity, at least in Tamil Nadu. Perhaps Hyderabad is different.

    At Renganathan Street, T.Nagar, Chennai, one of the busiest business districts in the entire country, sales has been reported to be quite poor. One cannot even believe this. And now there is a lockdown. God only knows what will happen in July.

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    The conclusion arrived at by the author appears to be based on the poor sales in Ranganathan Street, T. Nagar, Chennai and his deduction that since the servants, who used to buy clothing on EMI, are jobless, the textile industry has been badly affected. I don't intend to question the author but do seriously feel that the method he has seemingly adopted to conclude about the present state of the textile industry is not at all convincing. I don't think it is a logical approach in any manner. The textile industry must be facing a tough time as a result of the pandemic but so is the case with the entire market and it is not just because X or Y is jobless. Productions and sales have hit a low and the economy is totally dull and it is a general trend that will take some time to be back on track.

    #701006, please keep your responses connected to the point in your thread and also to the responses that come in. That will help in maintaining a meaningful discussion instead of getting deviated.

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    Like all the sectors Textile sector also is impacted by the Covid situation lockdown and restrictions.
    But probably textile shops are the ones who are open and doing regular business in our town, after grocery, vegetables and medicines. The other day I bought a few bath towels and pillow covers. Of course June-July sales related to new uniforms is not seen (obviously) as in previous years.

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    It is clearly understood that sales related to uniforms have gone down but the rich people are buying the dresses or sarees through online. There are problems related to the production units but not with sales.
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