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    Are you with a serious face? Do you want to have a smiling face?

    My dear Fellow ISCian,
    Are you with a serious face? Do you wish to have a smiling face?
    Do what I say. Follow my instructions seriously and sincerely to have an everlasting smiling face.

    1. Make some boards with the writing 'SMILE' in bold letters, and place them in all the room walls of your home, including the bathrooms and toilet rooms.
    2. Every day, after rising from the bed, pray and thank God with a smile on your face.
    3. Look at the mirror and smile. (You can adjust your smile as per your wish) and retain it,
    4. Carry the same smile throughout the day and be with the smiling face
    5. Smile at all the things that you look at.
    6. Before going to bed, smile and sleep with a smile.

    If you follow the above instructions sincerely and seriously for about 30 days, I am sure, you will be living with a smiling face throughout your life on this good earth.

    In your life, you will have to learn to cry which will be impossible if you follow my instructions.

    After reading this thread, I sincerely hope that your face would be smiling. Say yes or no with your comments.
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    While I do appreciate that the author has raised a good post on the subject of smiling and how to smile. But what I feel that smile is the subject matter of person behavior and the events that unfold on that part of time or the day and that would decide the mood which may go for smile and keep the face seriously. Naturally all the human faces have the smiling character and the smile cannot happen at every point of time. The smile should bring the happiness in others face and that can be possible if the person is on good mood. Therefore smile cannot be ignited with images posters or any other alerts.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Some people smile very rarely. They keep a serious face always. I think that maybe their nature. Such people can follow the suggestions given by the author and see whether they can keep smiling.
    We should be always smiling. It will add value to our face. A smiling face appears better than a normal face. So I agree that we should have a smile on our face always.
    When I was in my Post Graduation there was a student who used to be very serious always and he never used to smile at anybody. Always he was with the books. Many people used to ask him why he is always so serious. He has no reply for that.
    After two years of education, when all were parting, he came to me with his autograph books and asked my address and signature. I still remember I have written in that book. Smile a bit. It will ass value to your face and gave him back. After reading that he just looked at my face with a smile on his face.

    always confident

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    A good post from the writer about bringing a smile on our face. It is true that many of us do not smile or are always with a heavy face. When I read the title of the post i.e. "Are you with a serious face? Do you want to have a smiling face?" I actually thought that the writer meant to have a smiling face on oneself. I am a very friendly person and do enjoy time with friends but when you talk about smiling face in the house, it is what I don't or one can say that I take a step backwards. Many of you may agree that as a parent or head of the family and being a male, I sometimes have to hold my laughter or smile just to show that I am strict. I have tried many times to be friendly with my children and even my niece and nephews but I have a line drawn that I don't cross. I feel that I need to be more friendly but I don't know why I am not able to crack the rude mask that I am wearing which is actually not me but is with me. I am friendly at times but the majority of the time, it is the rough side of me but only inside the house. My friends actually have complained that I am totally a different person at home and outside. I have no answer but will surely try to change myself and be the same everywhere.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    I generally put up a smiling face to people I meet. But when situation needs seriousness I am serious also.
    It all depends on situations. Smiling is one thing and making fun and joke of everything is different. Certain things need to be dealt seriously. Our attitude, apparel and body language all should reflect that seriousness. Then only the importance will be transmitted to all who are to be involved. For example, I do not agree to those who crack jokes and laugh loudly even at funeral functions.
    But when I met and greet anyone, I always keep a friendly smiling face. I strive to see that those who meet me for first time are put to comfort and to that extent I smile and make light pleasantry talk too.
    During my career I had to be in a higher position hierarchically and it involved supervising and commanding even those who are much elder to me or equal to me in age. So it was imperative that I should show correct attitude, appearance and sincerity to achieve the task goal. That meant one to be rightly smiling and rightly serious.

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    Health wise a person with more smiling will be more healthy. In Telugu there is saying, "Navvadam oka bhogam, Navvinchadam oka yogam and navvakapovadam oka rogam" means to laugh is bhogam (an asset), to make others laugh is yogam and a person not to laugh is a disease. So if a person laughs naturally is always good for health. Of course in this busy world it is not possible to laugh all through the day. We can see some comedy scenes through TV channels at least in our leisure time to laugh and relax. Some jobs what people do also will restrict them to laugh. It is not good to even to laugh unnaturally for everything. As my profession is teaching I am accustomed to maintain some seriousness in my daily routine. But I always receive people with smiling face and people who are in close contact with me say my face is a smiling face.

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    Yes, the author sincerely wants to have a smiling face and this originates from our inner peace of mind charged with the positive thoughts. Though the author is right that such a smiling face would alleviate our tensions. This will send a green signal to the entire body and it can arrest the high blood pressure and control the cortisol level.
    Though such a gesture is difficult to maintain at all times. While at work, understanding the complexities of work would require some sort of seriousness. While attending a funeral, we need to maintain seriousness to show our respect to the departed soul.
    But the smiling posture prior to going to bed may help for the restoration of sound sleep.

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    Dear All,
    It is my general observation that most of us remain serious, and we smile only when required. Why not do it the other way? Why not we remain with a smiling face and go serious only when required.

    This is the chief aim of this thread. Smile from the time you get up from the bed and keep smiling until you go to bed. In between, be serious as and when required.
    Presently we are :
    Serious 95 percent and smile 5 percent. Change it to Smile 95 percent and serious 5 percent.

    Speak with a smile, Listen with a smile, Read with a smile, Write with a smile, Think with a smile, but always command and control with a serious face. Smile with your family, relatives and friends, Be serious with your enemies.

    No life without Sun

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