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    Crime against animals

    We have been living with the animals on this planet for centuries now, but sadly, animal brutality is yet a harsh reality. Sometimes unintentionally or in our negligence, we get involved in severity towards pets. So, before choosing to have a pet, we need to make sure that we can accept complete responsibility for the said animal.
    As we move to the streets, roads, and public places like zoos, where animals surround us, we usually have seen the incidents small children misbehave with animals. And their parents or guardians overlook it. We must educate our kids on how to behave with animals righteously and politely.

    Adults are also part of animal cruelty. All of us have watched videos and posts on social media about events of animal cruelty recently. Shooting a gun on a dog to check it's a range, mercilessly whipping donkeys to death, killing a pregnant elephant by stuffing explosives in the food and other incidents.

    Next time when you encounter any animals mistreated by any kid or adult, then take strict action against them as animals cant express their pain to us.
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    Killing animals is the worst act of human being who chose to enjoy the suffering and pain of the animal and that kind of cruelty cannot be tolerated and we on our part should report such cruelty to law enforcing agencies immediately.
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    Unfortunate. Recently we heard many incidents where the animals subjected to great harassment. We should restrain ourselves from such acts. There are people who kill animals for no reason. That is inhuman.
    Animals are also having senses like us. They will also feel the pain and they will also have hunger like us. Only thins is that they can't express like us. They don't have brains like us to deceive fellow animals and make them their food. Once they have their food they are happy and they are loyal to the person who gave food. They have no extra desires or not greedy. That way they are much better than human beings.
    Let us not act unkindly towards the animals. Let them have their lives. If anybody is trying to kill the animals, suggest them not to do that and try to tell them the reasons for that. If good sense prevails they will not go for such brutal acts. Otherwise, we may have to give a complaint against them to the concerned.

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    I agree, Before doing that, let us first put an end to the butchering of goats, hens, cows etc; Treat all the animals in the same line. Is goat not an animal, is a cow or bull not an animal, is hen not having a soul?

    Do you allow this to happen? Should we eat animal meat? Who has given us the right to kill animals and eat?

    There is nothing wrong if we kill an animal that is dangerous to human beings. Take the example of a stray dog that bites the men on road. Should we spare it and allow it to bite more and more people?

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    Being an animal lover I understand the painful undercurrent in this post. There are so many cruel people in this world who do not have any sympathy for animals and they do not allow them to coexist with us in our habitat. They do not know how important these animals are for our ecosystem and what is their contribution in preserving the flora and fauna on his planet. Only a handful of animal lovers are taking initiatives to protect animals from cruelty and in this context I would appreciate the work done by so many volunteer agencies who are helping the stray and abandoned animals.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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