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    Obsession with fairness

    Colourism and racism always have been a part of Indian society. A society that has still subjected to white domination, a prevalent caste system, and pervasive discrimination towards dark-skinned people and has determined to automatically connect light or 'fair' skin with authority, status, and value.
    All classes have embraced our hatred for brown skin, and these rules are being strengthened not just by the media but by the personalities we associate with every day — families and friends.
    It is no wonder that there is a market for fairness products here. While some of them, like HUL's Fair & Lovely — which has now removed 'fair' from its product name after years of societal pressure — have it in the title, many other goods mention 'brightening' or lightening.'
    Fairness in India has been portrayed as a step to individual and professional success. It's even one of those rarest standards that applied to both men and women.
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    I remember few months back NDTV has banned the ads which are concerned to fairness. The looks of the people are natural and and every one has their own beauty and the fairness creams are temporary phenomenon and the people are not understanding the same and giving credence to their fairness. For me any color is beautiful and has the appreciation hidden in it. It is for the people to observe each color with their own creative idea and that can bring in real understanding.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't think in the present society, still, caste and colour play an important role. Especially in towns and cities if you see the question of caste never come for discussion. Because of the reservation system, for government jobs, there is a requirement to mention the caste. I have seen many private organisations where no one will ask the other person about his caste. Even after working for many years, we don't know the caste of our coworker.

    But the system of caste is used more in politics and elections. They will use this for getting votes and getting elected. Even they sanction the tickets based on the caste. This can't be stopped till the reservation system is in force.

    We can see that products can remove the word fair from their names and another name can be given but how to eliminate this dicrimination for fairness to go from the minds of the people. I have no answer for this.

    always confident

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    Talking about the fairness mental campaign of a person in oneself is just a result of some kind of dissatisfaction which he has from himself only. Such things do not arise at a tender age or in childhood. When a person is a child he isn't aware about any such color difference rather his selections of a friend are random. But as soon as a child attains the teens age, now due to his secondary development he develops an attraction for the opposite gender. Since, its just an attraction the teenager wants to have some fascination for the charming and smarter personalities. During this stage as a teen isn't aware of the sense of actual beauty he develops attraction for fairer skin as according to him that is beautiful. When his mind thinks about such false beauty images he himself starts concentrating on his beauty or a good personality. In such phases they start using fairness creams and even start going to gyms which they shouldn't go at that age.
    The drive in them for getting a smarter look to attract people towards them bring them near such fake fairness products and later on it becomes their habitual action to use them.
    But with age and maturity they realize what is true beauty and slowly they start accepting themselves with their own skin color. Hence, the craving for fairness and similar products finishes.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    There is no superiority in the diction of humanity. All humans are equal, white has no superiority over black and black are no less humans than others. Person's supremacy depends only on being a better person morally and professionally in society or in a place you work and prove your worth. There is no place for discrimination in any society. Just as the white soul is precious, black people are also important. Colour of skin doesn't reflect beauty or intelligence, it is one's rationality and the inner sensation that matters.

    Fairness creams don't make anyone beautiful. Person's beauty is his good behaviour and the art of making people happy. Fairness products are only for businesses not for changing the colour of the skin. White people are not supreme but the one's good deeds make him a better person.

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    Decades ago itself I knew the futility of such grand cosmetic remedies. My youngest sister was always feeling that she was not fair. She used buy and apply the Fair and Lovely cream. I used to tell her not to feel any complex and told her that the cream will not make any better. After spending lot of money only she found it was of no use. Even now we tease her about that.
    Some people are like that they will have some or other complexes. The same sister is now obsessed with feeling to look young. Apart from dyeing her hair, she avoids using specs as it will make her appear old. Due to this she suffers from headaches. All our advice go in vain only.

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    Many people are obsessed with fairness and take many remedial measures to become fairer and walk with proud in the society. But they forget that people do not respect a person because of his fairness but because of his virtues.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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