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    The ban of 59 Chinese Apps by India is a surgical strike with IT Act 2000

    Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps under the IT Act 2000. This move is aimed to strike down Chinese IT companies. The banned apps list includes TikTok, UC Browser, ShareIt, We Chat, etc.

    This ban is mainly the result of the recently increased tension on the LAC. This decision of GOI will surely affect Chinese apps financially. But the main motive behind this ban is said to be for the security of data. Government of India wants to protect data of Indian people from any possible data theft if any war-like situation arises.

    Please share your opinion about this strong decision by the Government Of India.
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    Ban on a few known enlisted apps may affect internet users but will this ban put pressure on Chinese regime can't be said. However, if Paytm, flipkart,
    oyo, oppo, vivo, m.i. ola etc are banned will definitely create commotion.

    I appreciate this step of government.

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    We already had a thread raised by me mentioning about

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    It is more a symbolic action rather than substantial. Even banning everything Chinese would not harm China financially as the exports from China to India is a mere 3 percent of its total exports. From a security point of view, yes it was a much-needed step but it has to be done a long ago even before when the government herself used til tok to promote many government programs. Better late than never though.

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    This was required to be done and Govt has done it very boldly and effectively and others which are on the Govt Radar would also be removed from Indian screen soon. I also appreciate this action.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    China has proved to be rogue country after Pakistan and being our bad neighbor we cannot have good relations and why should our country help other companies listed in that country and China should feel the helplessness of losing 130 million customers of Tiktok, UC browser and other apps which were either too widely used by the Indians. And in future there would be more strict adherence to rule of no China products in our country and we should give voice for vocal to local and thus India brands must be accepted here and exported elsewhere to bring in more prosperity for the country.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Recently China voluntarily banned TikTok and other services from India. What about this news? Secondly, the Indian user has another option to access TikTok through different VPN. So what do you think how government controls the VPN accessibility?

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