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    The centre page of a notebook

    The centre page of a notebook - does this remind you something which you would have experienced in your school days? Let me tell you about my experience. We all had a timetable in which specific subjects were mentioned. We also made a note of the homework specified by subject teachers in our school diary.

    One particular day the teacher suggest us, that she would give a dictation test. Now the day has arrived. What will you do? The teacher instructs students to write in a paper and submit. "Wait! children don't tear the last page as it is connected to the front pages where we have completed the notes" says the teacher. She also instructs on sharing. Teacher says "go to the centre page of your book and tear it carefully, give one sheet to your friend and you fill the other".

    This incident gives us a moral value of sharing and caring. Sharing paper with a friend and caring for our environment by seeing that only one of the two student's tears the paper.

    Share your experiences with the centre page.
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    I agree. The Centre page is the page to tear easily and use. However, if the pages are numbered, it is not advisable to tear the center page. In that case, I would tear the last page carefully by using a large foot scale leaving a centimeter away on the left side. I am sorry, During my school days, I never had an opportunity to tear the pages from my notebooks. I always used to carry loose sheets with me. And I never shared papers with my classmates.
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    Few students are advised by parents, as you would be prompt in informing your parents about the daily school schedules. Some of my friends would skip their notes and were able to manage with this centre page.
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    On reading this post my thoughts went to my school days when we used to tear the center page of the note book and prepare paper plane and boat and that enjoyment was different and many used to play. But now I regret that the papers were never used for good purpose in those days and all of them were used for the play only. Surely the immaturity in us was fully present and we changed slowly when we get in to age and realize the mistake. And some naughty students used to tear off the middle page notes much to the annoy of the student and thus many a time tiff off between the students ensured.
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    We had also learned this technique while we were in our school times and took the centre pages from our different copybooks one by one as taking from the same one would make it too conspicuous for our parents to punish us for that irresponsible action. The centre pages are very valuable when you have no other way to have a loose paper for some work or other. Most of the people might used it for their purposes during their school days.
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    I was very particular about my copybooks during my school days and never took the central pages out of it. In case we required some pages for some work we used to take from our rough copybook only.
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    Even in our school days, we used the centre page of the book to remove pages for class test or dictations. The last pages of the notebooks would be filled with Bingo, dot game, flames, square game, etc. As mentioned by the writer, tearing the centre or middle page gave one the chance to share it with his classmate, Benchmade or friend and also reduce the wastage of paper.
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    By tearing too many pages students demand a new book from parents. Parents do not keep a watch on the book, they just see the last filled page. They go ahead and buy a new book but they do not recognise the tabtrums of children. Some parents are very strict and hurt the feelings of children through their harsh words.
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    Centre page in a notebook is always vulnerable. Anyway, it may become alone and get separated from the bunch. They will always feel the punch.
    During my childhood days, there were many cinema magazines. Most of them are weeklies. In those magazines also the centre page was an additional attraction. The centre page was being dedicated to printing a photograph of a hero or heroine. The photograph used to cover two pages and hence a very big one. Their fans used to buy as many copies as possible if their hero or heroine 's photo war there in the centre page.

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    I also had the experience of taking out the centre page from notebooks when needed. We also knew to insert centre pages back also. So one day if we loaned a page to our friend one day, he would give back next day .Then we would very carefully fold the existing centre page in our book and slide the returned page and then open the folded page. And lo! The page is replaced below securely. No trace of tearing. This needs some expertise. It was possible then as the pages were stitched by threads only at centre and not stapled as now. They were not numbered also.

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    As a student, we knew how to tear and replace also we used many such centre pages to re-pin it into a new book from the collection of old books after the completion of academic year.
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    It was really wonderful to share your experiences on the centre page of a notebook.
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