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    Tea shops are dangerous traps now

    Somehow or the other, as Indians, we are only extremely good at breaking all rules. When the entire world is fighting to stop a virus from spreading, we have instances where everything goes for a big six. Chennai and three other neighbouring districts have been identified as danger zones and a big lockdown has been imposed in Tamil Nadu. In many other areas, the relaxations have been allowed. What we now see is the "business as usual" attitude of thousands of people. In a small tea shop where hardly ten people can normally sit and have their tea, one finds double that number sitting and standing. No health official or the police is around.

    Worse, the same guy sells lassi and curd too. The crowd increases minute after minute. Such scenes are also shown by many private channels. Nothing happens. And then comes the announcement of new cases. It is obvious that at least one positive case of COVID would have gone out of the tea shop.

    The key is to compulsorily enforce social distancing. The owner cannot be balmed. I guess the people are basically indisciplined. When I tried to bring this to the notice of the police on duty elsewhere, they merely said that they would take action. But the famous tea shop is the only place where the police officials get free tea all the time!!

    So, where do we go from here?
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    Present pandemic situation requires that people should be very alert and careful as the virus can move from one place to other through used utensils, tea cups, plates, sitting benches, chairs and many such items which we cannot even imagine and that is the main reason why we are not able to stop its spread. So what is required is relaxation is to be given only in those shops where such mixing is not happening. It means 'in shop eating' is to be practically stopped and only takeaways in disposable containers is to be allowed. Likewise there are so many precautions and care which we have to take but the question is whether the common laymen are aware of all these things and will they be able to adhere to such a discipline in their lives? It is an unprecedented situation and even the highly qualified people are not able to take care and limit themselves to not indulge in actions that could lead to spread of the virus. So, what we can expect from the common men who are without any worry in taking tea or snacks or eatables in the most unhygienic places.
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    I do agree that the virus has spread and it is present every where and we could not find with naked eyes and therefore we must be caution enough while making moves and talking with someone else. The strangers must be avoided and never buy things from the new seller. The tea shops are the meeting point of all and those who are asymptotic are also visiting the places and thus virus contracted. Even we should avoid parties and gathering hoisted by political parties. Yesterday the Dy CM of Telangana Mahmood Ali has been tested positive and admitted to high end private hospital and recently he participated in many gatherings and functions. So as far as possible we should restrain going out and never meet the strangers or go for any purchases at the unknown places and also do not allow your children and elders to venture out.
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    Crowd isn't confined to tea shops only I see a large gathering everywhere mainly in market. Police is very much there and they don't bother to disperse them. Face masks are in pockets and social distancing has lost importance. Invariably, common people abide by laws and rules because of fear of punishments. When they're not scared of law they forget the law.

    I see a strange trend that large religious gatherings are allowed by administration.

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    In our area small tea shops, snacks shops, eateries are totally restricted and only takeaways are being permitted to the people or Zomato or Swiggy workers. No one is getting any eatables in the open and in shop eating is also forbidden. I think this has to be followed rigorously in all the parts of our country. We cannot afford any laxity in this matter. Some people are taking things very lightly and carelessly which would only help the virus to spread in fast mode.
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    We have not understood the word social distancing. People are interested in eating foods outside and drinking juices which they feel as healthy food. They do not know with which water they would have prepared.

    Since the steel plates and tumblers are not used we can see the paper glasses flowing high in the air reaching the next areas too. The people who consume do not throw in the dust bins and the vendor does not keep a closed bin. If we start emphasising on the activities, there is no end. Until our people understand and follow the rules, the infection continuous its play.

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    Why tea shops? In Hyderabad, I have seen people eating Panipuri in a roadside shop. The vendor there will not use a hand glove or a mask. Happily, he will be dipping the hand in the pani and serving puri with that water to all the customers. If anyone of them is having a positive Corona, what the officers can do?
    One should care for his life. Why the government has to give instructions for that?
    Our life is important to us and we have to take care of our lives. Government has lifted the lockdown. But the virus has not given us relaxation. We should keep this in mind and act wisely.

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    It seems the situation is the same almost everywhere. Whenever the relaxation is given people started crowding to various places just like they used to do before. We all are responsible and the government has to be more responsible through framing guidelines and implementing them. On one hand, the government is always telling us to maintain social distancing and on the other hand, they are allowing public transport with full seating capacity. If all the seats are occupied in any public transport, where is the social distancing? When the local governments are not thinking of this particular issue can we expect that the unruly public will follow any guidelines? Allowing and restricting cannot go hand in hand. It has to be implemented with iron hands.

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    Prevention is better than cure, Unfortunately there is no cure for Covid19. So prevention only is good, better and best. Otherwise it is jut Rambharose. God only can save.

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