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    Household chore is a monotonous activity

    In our daily routine lives we have many tasks, works and responsibilities which are to be addressed on a daily basis and everyday they reappear in a consistent pattern. The family members attend to these jobs religiously as this is the essential part of the whole gamut of household activities and their resolution. Some of the jobs are very monotonous and repetitive and generally housewives are entrusted to attend them. It is human nature that it wants change in life and wants to attempt new things rather than sticking to the same old pattern. But in respect of household chore there is no such respite in sight. Some people who can afford, go for servants and helping hands and get relieved to some extent. I want to ask the members who are engaged in routine household activities as how they see to it whether it is monotonous life or it is not. Please share your opinion and views.
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    Since we are from orthodox family we does not employ maid servant for household works and it has to be done by the house members only. Having habituated to daily routines, there is no complain from the households as to they have to attend the kitchen and other relative works on daily basis. In fact Indian households takes pride in doing house works and feel that they are keeping their family healthy and going. What I have also seen that the house maids does not do the work properly and there need to be some vigil on their proper works and moreover post lock down the rates of house maids has been increased and middle class cannot afford to shell extra money. But there is a role for every member of the house and thus whole responsibility does not fall on one in our house and hence the things gets done with ease.
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    Our family women don't like to hire any maid or servant for housework. They like to do the routine housework without getting bored.

    In some families maid servant is the essential part for their families. Housework for their women appears to be monotonous. This is their own thinking. But I would like to say that these outsiders should not be trusted.

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    Keeping house maids is not bad provided they are doing their jobs seriously and need not be directed every time of their responsibility. Their parents have been on the increasing trend but the timing of carrying out the jobs has been reduced so as to take up the job in the next residence. Moreover, we are not sure when she would not report for her job in the next time and how long she will remain absent. In respect of deduction of her salary, she would not like it and so is the case with me. If the absenteeism exceeds more than ten days in a month, there would not be any pay cut but we have to involve ourselves to get the chores done. In that way, we remain under stress even if she gets full salary.

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    In our house, actually we had a maid as my sister was going to work and she had to travel 1-2 hours one way. The maid would come in the afternoon or evening and would do her assigned work like dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing clothes and utensils. My sister would make the food and on her off days, she would do other house chores. The other outside menial household tasks like paying bills of electricity, water, phone, etc and getting ration etc would be covered by me. Going to wholesale market once in a month would be taken care of by both of us but for everyday needs, she would get while returning from work. When we had any functions or festivals, cleaning, dusting, decoration would be handled by men of the house while the food and other arrangements would be handled by women of the house. This was the normal routine that we followed in our house and it is followed by my sisters even after marriage. My brother-in0laws are very caring and helpful, they do help in outdoor as well as in the kitchen(cutting, purchasing, etc). We never felt like it is different but yes, cooking was not our cup of cake and thus we would just be the quality control and would provide our inputs when everything is ready.
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    It is a reality that every housewife continuous to perform these monotonous activities from ages till today and is also happy that she provides food filled with nutritional values.

    She is given the utmost importance as the word health and wealth both are in her hands. I too feel to have a change. I try to add music and garden work to my household activity which keeps me happy, check out your joyful alternatives to help to keep your mind at ease.

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    Doing the same job every day is a really monotonous activity. We will lose interest in that job after some time. Cleaning the house. cleaning the vessels, cooking food. These jobs are being carried out by housewives. They are really monotonous. So I feel their counterparts should take up these jobs on Sunday and give rest to the housewives for that day.
    Even jobs that are being done in the offices also is monotonous sometimes. A cashier in the bank, a conductor in the bus and a clerk in the office and a receptionist. Like this, we will find many jobs which will not have any work which is interesting. But they will get a day's off in a week and that will give them some recreation.
    These days because of lockdowns and work from home concept many males are also at home. So some of them are spending some time in kitchens and making delicious foods asking their wives not to come to the kitchen for that day.

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    It is a unavoidable monotonous activity. Keeping maid depends, if the family has too many members, or if all the members are working. Also it needs to be taken care so that maid that we hire, do not turn to be like typhoid Mary.

    The well being of a family always depends on kitchen since it is responsible for the energy of the members. All other members will do their best when mental and physical health are good. It definitely has a important part to play. Most of the jobs on a long term turn out to be monotonous. But always, there is scope for doing research and trying out new things.

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    It differs from family to family. The poor are at work outside and in the kitchen. The rich avoid the kitchen. It is monotonous for the housewives who don't go for any work outside. In my house, my wife works from sunrise to 10 p.m. She cares everything from making tea to dinner. We make use of our maids only to sweet, wipe and clean the used utensils. Whereas my daughter who is working won't look at the kitchen except on Saturdays and Sundays.
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    Every job becomes a monotonous work once it is done repetitively for a prolonged time. It is true of the kitchen work also. Management Gurus advise job enhancement and job enlargement to tackle the issues of monotony. For example if a housewife starts writing a blog about her recipes and gives the photographs of all the different dishes made by her then she gets interest in making newer and newer recipes as that would publish in her blog. This type of job enrichment is required to convert the monotony in a purpose. Similar ideas can be thought in other areas also.
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