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    Humans do not act without purpose

    If we want to achieve something in our life then we have to fix some objectives or goals. We should fully know why we are doing this thing and what are the probable outcomes of doing that so that if we are convinced that there is a purpose behind those efforts then only we should continue otherwise should search for other terrains. Actions without any purpose behind them has no meaning. It is a wasteful exercise. By nature humans act only when there is a purpose and we must take mileage of this fact in our actions and activities in our career or other aspirations in our lives. What do the members feel about this aspect in our lives? Please share your valuable thoughts on it.
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    Whenever we do something we have something in mind, may be an award or return from that activity or even a feeling of happiness like we get after giving food to a poor person. So, all of them are the purpose only.
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    Goal setting is a key role in achieving success. Once the goal is set working on it and getting on a clear path can be visualised.

    Without motivation, the goals cannot be accomplished. If you are the goal setter mark your points where you present yourself with an appreciation or a gift from your pocket money to enhance better outcomes.

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    Acting without a purpose is having no meaning. Why should we waste energy for no purpose actions? But some times we may take up some activities which will be just for passing time. Playing virtual games is a waste of time in my opinion but many people do that.
    A person should plan his activities, set his goals and act in such a way that they will reach their goals. The action they take should be always in that direction only. Such people only will be successful.
    Many people try to utilise their available time in reaching their goals or solving their problems.

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    I agree that we generally do not act without any purpose. But the purpose may not be always a selfish purpose or for oneself.
    However, many times we do not know when we will act and for what purpose. For example we are watching a movie or a drama. We may clap our hands, may be dropping tears, may be making some angry shouts etc. We would not know about these acts before they are done. They are mostly reactions or response acts.
    Many times we act involuntarily or on reflex too. The purpose of those acts can be known only after the acts. Similarly many of us do some particular gestures or movements of body parts, make some sounds etc just as a habit. There are no purpose known to us for those acts, though others can very clearly see such acts of ours.

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    I agree that purpose need not to be a selfish only but the point is that it should be a sufficiently motivating one.
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    Actions without expectations won't carry any meaning. It's the nature of Law. Newton's 3rd Law. It's inevitable that expectations could be sometime selfish and selfless too. However, if one is about to take some action, it has it's own purpose always attached to it because his/her need is to be satisfied.

    BUT, how committed are we to get the things done, as our motive is to gain the result (expectations/outcome/output) in the end. We feel satisfied once we see the expected outcome appears before us and if not we feel depressed or demotivated. It shows how eager we are or desperate are we to meet the end result.

    Proactive and Reactive reactions are meant to be part of our life. Proactive actions will always have a definitive output expected at the end of each action however sometimes we end-up with involuntary actions leading to hazardous issues too.

    Expectations associated with the actions having good planning would lead to right and expected results at the end.

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    Yes, hard work combined with a purpose well understood in its entirety is required to succeed in our lives.
    Knowledge is power.

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