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    Success is a failure turned inside out

    In our life we have many aims and take up to complete many tasks. In fulfilling these many times we may face failures. In this process we may loose our confidence and may face further failures. The failures may bring depression in us and our mind cannot think in a positive way. So for success or failure mind plays an important role. People with strong will power never lose hope. Thus keeping your mind positive is the key for success. If one thing you believe is possible in your mind, definitely you will achieve success and you can turn failures into success. Members please share your thoughts with regard to this issue.
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    It is an acceptable comment. There is no word impossible, it is the first step that we have to keep in life with hope and without fear which will lighten us also with the opportunities to lead us towards success.

    Keeping a positive intention in life is an essential aspect but we should have information about the repercussions related to the negative impact too.

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    Success and failure are the parts of life. Who can be out there that wants to fail in his efforts- perhaps none but sometimes we succeed and sometimes despite hundred percent efforts we fail in achieving our goal but it doesn't mean that we should lose hope. Disappointment or depression are the worst enemies of success. We should kill them before they kill us.

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    The author is correct. The stronger the desire, the higher chances of success. When we have a strong desire, definitely you will put all your efforts to be successful. We will not keep any stone unmoved. That will see that we will be on the path of success. You can take it granted.
    If I am not successful in an attempt. I will feel that I have not put my complete efforts to complete the task. So success is in your hands. As mentioned by the author our mindset will decide the end result. So it is advisable not to have any negative thoughts in our mind and always have a positive mind.
    If we have a problem we should think about how we will defeat that problem. We should not think we can't come out of the problem and we will be lost. Your mindset will play very important.

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    One has to be positive to become successful. Like success, failure is also a part of our lives and we all need to analyze the reasons for failure. Rather than expecting too much from the job that we wish to be successful at we need to concentrate on the things that we are doing. Too much expectation from anything can give rise to depression. If one is depressed it becomes really difficult to analyze the reasons for failure and that is the reason many people do not try it the second time thinking that they may fail the next time too. Rather than thinking and expecting too much, it's always better to concentrate on the job you are doing with an analytical approach.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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