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    Let s learn to forget and forgive

    In life, we do come across undesirable people who more often than not do all unethical things to not only survive but also flourish. Sometimes, the same person might have also exhibited the brighter side of his or her. He would have helped our sick mother to be transported to the hospital at a vital time, when we would have been on official tour. Or he or she would have helped our entire family in one way or the other.

    Though I would not approve of his unethical means, quite apart from any monetary help of any sort, I have had such persons helping me in one way or the other. It is then that I learned not to hate such people, even when maintaining a safe distance on monetary affairs. Life is full of such people. There are others who run businesses in the names of relatives and earn profits that are never reported or taxed. I know it is against the law of the land and even the IT guys would have no proof, as the money is intelligently put into accounts of distant relatives and given in cash whenever required.

    We need to strike a balance in life. When we start discounting everyone, we would possibly be left only with our own family members to relate to. We need to look at the least common denominator as to whether these people are good to us. If the answer is yes, we need to forget and forgive these people and move on.

    We just do not have any alternative....
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    The author says let us learn to forget and forgive, How can we forget the bad moments of life hoisted on us for no fault of us. And who are we to forgive those who have gone beyond pardoning. Human being are not extraordinary people to live without emotions and past experiences. They need to interact and understand others and in that process some bad moments are happening to which they cannot forgive and forget. There are many people who are not reporting what is happening to them and they sulk within getting into bad health and bad name. Life has become challenging for everyone.
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    The author is saying that even if there are some people who are doing wrong things and earning money from wrongdoings, we should forget them and forgive them. I think we are already doing that even if they help us or not. We have no other alternative with us.
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    The author is right that we must have the enlarged heart to forgive all such people involved in wrong affair just to earn profit. They are guided with their own will power encouraging them to adopt unfair means to maximise their profits. We come across such people but we are neutral with their wrong doings since in no way their activities have any impact financially or otherwise.
    So long as there is no personnel loss from their wrong doings, we don't react. The case may be somewhat different if there is a personal financial loss where some huge amount was offered to such a person doing unethical practice and the money lent is not returned back to the affected person. He may or may not forgive the man responsible for the irreparable loss.

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    If we get some help from somebody at a very critical time. definitely, we should be thankful to him and we can forget about his ill doings. But how the people who are suffering from his actions and never got any help from him? Can they forget and forgive him?
    Only people who are having no anger and who have a lot of patience can only do that. But we should try to make him understand that many people are suffering from his actions and he should restrain from such acts. If we prevail this sense on him, he may get converted and may become good. It will be a better option if we have an approach to such people. Some people will definitely try their best to change.
    We can ask him that if any other persons behave with him in the way he is behaving with other persons. how he will react? Whether he can forgive and forget. Then he will think more about his actions.

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    The one who feels the heat can only understand how hard it has struck him. Even though we forgive and forget at some point of time in our lives those pictures just give us a splash on our faces.

    The persons who have supported us at our bad times will always find a space in our hearts and will be recalled in our communications with our close friends and relatives as and when the topic related to them appear.

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    Am afraid our society is now seeing too many people who cut corners. After the advent of Aadhar card corruption is down but not totally so. There are hundreds who join the corruption bandwagon almost daily.

    It is not that these people are totally bad. A portion of their black money finds its way to the society and becomes white or at least money in circulation; for example, a very poor person wanted help for celebrating his daughter s wedding. One rich fellow gave the poor man Rs30,000/. Yes, it was black money, but a portion of the sin was possibly washed away.

    There is another argument. We had one of the biggest jokers as an Union Minister when the same party was in power the last time. This useless fellow would come down to his constituency every week and make some stupid statement; he was a sheer disgrace and a big zero in terms of achievement. Thankfully, he is not a Minister now.

    The Govt spent several lakhs of rupees on his costly trips, providing security and so on. When we have such jokers making life extremely difficult for the common man, what is wrong in black money helping someone in need? This is just one line of thought often advanced by the corrupt. Whether this is right or wrong is highly debatable.

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