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    When did you last wish your neighbor in the morning?

    I really think we are taking everything to the extreme, in the light of the current crisis. A couple of days ago, a very close friend of mine was totally ignorant of his neighbour and since he had travelled upto Guduvancheri in Southern Chennai from Guindy ( the zone travel was once allowed, not so long ago. This has now changed to travel only within district, without an e-pass.) he was afraid that the neighbor might have the virus. It so happens that it is a good gated community with high net worth individuals, with each family having at least one car to zip around. The neighbor was well known to me as well. My friend has gone to the other extreme. He has a work from home responsibility. But he has converted that into "lock inside home" responsibility.

    We need to be more rational and not stupid. Even if someone tests positive, according to experts, isolation and treatment of that particular family can make everyone else safe. In my friend's case, when the neighbor is hale and healthy, not even wishing him and interacting with him is outright stupid. I did tell him as much. And he is much younger to me and has understood his mistake.

    We should not take things too far. Let us learn to fight the virus together and keep on collaborating with fellow human beings.
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    I am staying in my own independent house in Bengaluru. Every day, we interact with our neighbouring families. We exchange information as to how is the corona, where is the corona, how many affected, how many died and how many returned home, Is there anyone affected in our area, etc. We should live together as a group with our neighbours.
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    At present, I am staying in the camp provided by my company and the office is just a 5-minute walk. As I don't have to travel, it is actually not that worrying for me and many others who are working in the office. We do have other workers who have to go out for work and return in the evening. We have a big camp and after our normal office work, many of the office staff do have an hour walk in the camp. It is seen that everyone wears a mask and keeps a meter distance but rest if fine. As the lockdown is opened, it is the responsibility of each person to be cautious and be aware that the pandemic is not over and we need to be cautious about it without letting it interfere in our daily life. We do meet the person staying in the next room and do greet him and even have food together. It is upon us how we tackle the situation. We here follow 3 simple steps, after reaching from out i.e shopping or work, the first thing we do is change our clothes, wash them and take a bath and they only step out. The second is wearing mask whenever we move out of our room for any purpose and the last is keeping distance and regularly washing hand after touching anything. When we ourselves become aware, it will be easy to tackle the current situation without much complains.
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    Funny thread from the author. Normally in the city no one is concerned about the neighbors as to who is coming and who is staying. Only thing we do is say hello when we see them first time in the morning either for fetching the milk, vegetable or the walking. Normally the neighbors are known through their popular face and those who has visited as guests with the neighbors may not be known to us, otherwise frequent exchange of pleasantries takes place with our neighbor. By the way wishing anyone for that matter from far does not attract any disease or the virus and we should not restrict ourselves too much.
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    Earlier also we were talking and speaking to our neighbours only once in 3-4 days when we met outside of our flats while going down to the ground floor for some provision etc and same thing is continuing now also. Only thing is earlier we were once in a while sitting in each other's house for some time and chatting and that activity is now not there. If there is something important we come out and talk and then go back to our flats. Mostly we talk on intercom if some help is required by anyone. So, there is definitely some change in this respect.
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    I have very good relations with my neighbours. Every day we wish each other. One neighbour is a retired teacher. Another neighbour is a retired bank officer. Another neighbour is a politician. Another neighbour is an industrialist. Generally, in a day we see each other at least once and we will say hallow to each other. Even during these days also we are continuing the same relations as earlier. But we never go into the personal details of each other. We don't know the castes of them. But we are good at each other.

    These days people are having many doubts and they have a lot of fear. This fear only is leading to such behaviour. I have seen many people who stopped purchasing newspaper also. They are very careful and they take extra precautions. Who will not love their lives?

    But in many big cities, many people never worry about their neighbours even on normal days. They never know who is his neighbour. They never bother about them. This trend is increasing now because of this virus problem and lockdowns.

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    We have no communication problem with our neighbours. Whenever the need arises we speak but we maintain the distance.

    In cities, it is quite common as a single wall connects the two houses if we are staying in rented houses and the noise just penetrates, verbal communication is not required at all.

    In apartments, we have to be careful as some basic amenities are used in common by all the residents especially the stairs or lifts. We can communicate through the balconies where distance is readily taken care.

    Usually, during the busy schedules, none bother about the neighbours unless there is a need. It is only now since we are staying together for many days within our houses.

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