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    Let us encourage good movies, not the stars.

    I don't want to be the one who just holds the baton to boycott certain star kids but wants to be the one who contemplates over the behaviour guided by us, the consumers. Mostly, the movies nourish our pleasure for entertainment and we cannot see more than the mentioned purpose. There are many parallel cinemas existing for decades but remain unattended because they are not being promoted by media, talk shows, and other promotional events. There are even some special shows discussing the private lives of stars with catchy gossips that take our undivided attention. Let us encourage good movies and not merely stars.

    The more we get aware and friendly with the technical aspects of film making, the more we would be able to discriminate between the content and the buzz. Entertainment is undoubtedly necessary but taking everything bizarre for the sake of entertainment is neither smart nor the right thing to do.

    So here in this very thread, I start taking your attention to some good content movies with a request to do the same in your comments and make yourself ready to get unsettled with some contents that are not going to give you some easy ride with emotions.

    My examples would be Hum Paanch(1980), Bandit Queen, Koshish(1972), Saransh, Arth, Parichaya, Masaan, Neel Bate Sanatta, Phas Gaye Obama, DevD and many more with your anticipated comments.
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    The movie goers are generally obsessed with their favourite stars and their acting and this is a very old trend in our society or to that matter in all the societies across the globe. So, due to that premonition in the minds of the fans, other things are becoming secondary. Actually speaking the story of a movie and its cinematography should be given the first place rather then the stars acting in that. But, the reality of life is that people are only concerned for their favourite stars and their styles. It is strange but very true.
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    Unfortunately in India we have the huge fan following for each star and a movie hit or flop is purely based on the performance and no matter what ever be the story line. For example the South has been so obsessed with the acts of Rajnikanth and what ever theme he chose, the fans are ready to support. Even out of box thoughts and creative acts are supported though it does not have reality click. That is called the star cult in India and each star is thriving with this weakness of the fans. That is why all moves are not the hit and the performance should be from the noted stars of their expectations.
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    People are fans of a few personalities and it really cannot be deviated. They cannot accept any new content unless otherwise acted by their favourites. It takes a lot of time to add a new person into their choices.
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    I agree with the author. We should encourage a good movie even though that movie is not having the actors you like. The story, the direction, the music and other accepts of the movie makes a movie good. Such movies should be encouraged.
    In the 1980s and 1990s, the movies goers are mainly going to the movies to see their favourite hero or heroine on the screen. So those days only the movies having these great heroes only were running well. But slowly the trend changed and these days even though small budget movies are also running well with anew hero or heroine also if the storyline is good and technical values are good and Music is good.
    Still, the fan following is there but not out of the scene fully. If you go and watch at a cinema theatre on the day of release of a movie of a famous hero you will understand this.

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