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    How to drive this life towards the right direction

    How to drive a vehicle is an easy process which can be learnt in a few days or week or months but how to drive a family concerning their stability, amiability, cordiality and prosperity or how to drive a social group that works for the welfare of masses or how to make this life innovative, beautiful and ready to face all challenging tasks or how to drive away all evils dancing around us all this is quite difficult to drive. It's a long-lasting process we keep on involved in. Honesty, sincerity, hard work, dedication, individual and collective efforts all are the positive elements to make this life meaningful.

    Untoward elements always propel life to be veered off into the opposite direction where life changes into hell, so drive away all bad elements from life before you're driven away.
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    How to drive this life in the right direction depends on our stern plans, lasting decisions coupled with luck factor and most of all taking decision on time. What is the use of this life when the decisions are taken right and not according the need. I have seen the people has the urge to do something better than others, they have creative ideas which can fetch them name and fame and also good income. but they failed to bring the ideas into reality and make known to others in time. And thus the very idea is copied and carried onward by others so fast that this person stands as the stranger gazing at the loss of all.
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    If we do honest efforts in our lives and do them sincerely then there are better chances that our lives would be fruitful and successful. But everything is not in our hands as there are a number of factors which can create adverse situations in our lives and we just remain standstill at one place and do not progress further. It is tough to drive the life without obstacles but there is no harm in trying.
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    An honest post by the writer showcasing what and how we need to keep our life on track by driving out all bad elements from life and making an effort by every individual to work on the positive elements with honesty, sincerity, hard work, a dedication that will make our life meaningful and worth living. Let us try our best to drive our precious vehicle called life towards the right direction and make the best use of it.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    True. Driving our lives in a correct is very difficult. At the same time who never leave the correct path may not come up as fast as the people try other routes. Pandavas who never deviated from the path of Dharma has to face many hurdles in their path of Dharma but finally, they emerged winners. But Kauravas who deviated from the path of Dharma enjoyed all the comforts and luxuries of their life but they lose the battle finally. In the same way when people who follow the correct path will look at the other people who are progressing well by deviating from the path and enjoying their life and feel that they are at a loss. But they never know those good days will be there for them also.
    As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to be always on the right path. They should have a lot of patience and they should withstand the hardships that are being faced by them. These are all the tests that are being conducted to them and once they are through those tests, they will have ultimate pleasure in their lives.

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    How to drive and where to drive our life is a big question especially when we are at cross roads.
    Our own experience, mental stability and calmness, self confidence, support and help from close family and friends will be coming to our aid at those times. The thread mentions some essential qualities that can come to our help in showing our direction.

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