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    Is an anniversary to be marked only for a year?

    Yesterday at home we were discussing the topic of anniversaries and I was saying that we can wish someone a happy anniversary even on completion of six months but got vetoed. An anniversary should be only for the completion of a year is what I was told.

    Looking up the Net, it seems the year is considered in the formal manner of things whereas regarding a week or a month as an anniversary is informal. As such, the latter cannot really be considered as an anniversary since it is not the completion of a year. What's your take on this?
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    Yes, Anniversary is meant for celebrating yearly. The word "Anniversary" has its origin as "Annus" means "Year". So an anniversary for any incident can be celebrated only after the completion of 1 year I have seen people celebrating one month anniversary or six month anniversary and so on. Even for small kids, the enthusiastic parents celebrate 1 month's birthday, 2 months' birthday and it goes on till 1 year's birthday.

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    Birthday's can only start from one to twelfth month in the first year, later it will the second year birthday itself. For anniversaries we cannot consider that, it should yearly once only.

    Besides that, we have silver, platinum anniversaries for companies and number based anniversaries for a relationship with the family.

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    We can't keep celebrating on a weekly basis or a monthly basis. We can't keep celebrating the important days many times in a year. We can certainly celebrate our birthday every week on a particular day, every month on a particular date. If I were born on Sunday the 15th of August 2001, I can celebrate birthday on every Sunday, every 15th of the month, and on 15th August every year.

    Should we spend our time, energy and money only on celebrations? The same is the case with the Wedding anniversary. As rightly pointed out by a member, an Anniversary is an annual event. We cannot celebrate it Quarterly or Half-yearly. It would be too much.

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    Anniversary meaning as given in dictionaries is ' a day when we remember or celebrate something important that happened on that day in a previous year'. So as per this anniversary is to be celebrated once in a year. Not every month or every week, I feel.
    Our birthday will comes once in a year. But these days people are celebrating two times. One birthday is being celebrated as per the date of birth as per the calendar. The other is as per the Hindu panchangam. So sometimes I get confused when I see the birthday greetings for one person two times within a short span.
    If it is only for a celebration we can celebrate as many times as we want. There will not be any problem.

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    The origin of the word anniversary is from Latin language. There are two Latin words that is annus (means year) and versus (means turning) from which the Latin word anniversarius is formed. From this Latin word later the English word anniversary was derived. So seeing this etymology for the word anniversary it is apparent that it is a yearly nomenclature. People have a habit of modifying things as per their wishes and that culminated in observing monthly anniversaries or six monthly anniversary also. Interestingly, if that becomes a common trend followed by a large number of people the dictionaries would accept it as valid and include it there. Many words came in the dictionaries in such ways only. There is nothing strange about it.
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    After the advent of FB, Whatsapp and similar social media networks, we are not only flooded with unsolicited photos, pictures, videos and news clips but inundated with numerous anniversaries, days and occasions to celebrate and sympathise. Now what will be the situation if the anniversary is reduced to a periodicity of half year or monthly repeats? I shudder to think.
    Even now people create many anniversaries for one event .Say birthday as per FB, as per SSC and official record, as per star, as per English Era, as per Malayalam/Tamil Era etc.etc.

    Recently one incident happened in a Whatsapp group. In the morning there was a Happy Birthday announcement. Birthday wishes followed. In the midst there came a message informing death of one 'X'. Immediately came the message "Many many happy returns of the day". That was closely followed by a message conveying heartfelt condolences on the demise of X posted by 'Y'. From then the messages were all of condoling the death of Y.
    It took a lot of time and effort by some alert members to set things right. Even Y was not aware of that. People blindly post glancing previous message and quit.
    More anniversaries by lowering the anniversary term?. Really!! Na Baba, Na!

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