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    Comment from editors for editing resources

    I have submitted two articles ; Career option for spatial learners' and 'How to become a professional social worker'. I did not understand the comment ' "providing links to isc course pages". What does course page mean? How do I use the option? I have mentioned two website links that provide information. Pls clarify my doubt

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    Providing links to Isc course means you have to link the course page of ISC. This is the link of course page of ISC. You will find the different courses and link the proper course in your article.

    If you want to visit the page please go to the education menu, here you will find the course menu. Please click the option and you will be directed to that page. Please link this page in your article using HTML tag. If you want to know about hyperlink please visit this page.

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    When you open ISC site you will see a blue bar where the names of various section. In that, you click on Education. A list will dropdown. In that, you will courses if you click on that Courses section page will open. In that page, you will find various courses. You can click on any course, the page in which the details of that course will be there. The page related the course you want to mention in your article can be linked. A link for courses section was given below for your convenience. You can click on that the courses section will get open.
    Course Search

    To know how to give a link, you can open the following link. It will take to you the help topic section where the details were given

    How to create a hyperlink (clickable link) to other pages?

    If you want further details of this site you can go through the following link.

    A comprehensive guide for new members.

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