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    Thread –a-day to keep ISC hold the sway

    An apple a day to keep the doctor away is an old adage. But let us take a clue and make a positive sounding phrase. To keep something IN and not AWAY.
    ISC is the site we all love and want to see keeping its flag always high. Just as we follow suggestions of nutrition tips to keep our children or loved ones healthy, now we have got a very good nutrition trip to keep ISC in its good health always.
    Immunity booster is a new popular word. Let us give ISC an effective immunity booster. That is the nutrition protocol now available to us as "A thread a day challenge"
    While there are many worthless challenges just for sake of seeing one's name in social media, this insider self challenge is going to be a mutually beneficial exercise. If ISc grows more and more and gets more and more revenue the members also get benefited by various ways.
    I hope all will take this as a mission. Those who see this late also may start posting their threads without feeling missed. Let us start the 'Thread Fortnight".

    (This is an entry for A thread a day challenge)
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    The author has initiated the first thread of the thread a day challenge contest with a style by insisting the importance of this site and its growth. Surely this challenge throws a real creative writing ability in each member as they are not supposed to share the general topics nor already discussed subjects and thus thread a day would keep the members on tender hooks. And those who are habitual thread risers, this contest would prove beneficial as they have immense knowledge on the varied subject and for them this would be a cake walk challenge program. Any way best of luck for every members.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good blend of the old idiom, "An apple a day to keep the doctor away" to the present contest topic "Thread –a-day to keep ISC hold the sway." Many active members are not active in raising threads and come up with one thread in a week or two. The contest is not only a challenge but also a way of keeping oneself active and improve and make use of his hidden talent and start scratching his/her brain and come up with good and informative content that can be discussed by other members. Every member has their strong base that can be put in print and shared as a thread which will not only help others but also the writer to know other aspects of the thought that he/she missed. When we post a thread on a topic, we get many sides of the story which can be with the writer or opposing but this helps to get the best of it. When looked from a learning point of view, the positive can be appreciated and the negative will help to improve and also help to understand the correct view of the topic with many angles.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Well done, Venkiteswaran. You said it right. The fortnight challenge is going to be a great challenge for ISCians. 15 days with each day having about 18 (As of now) threads would make 270 threads in a fortnight. I don't know someone might join this contest before midnight. I think, our members will have a tough time posting responses to all the threads. They may have to burn their midnight oil to respond and counter respond to their own thread responses. It is not an easy task for all the young active members who may have to care their own business too.

    Never before I have seen such a challenge. A challenge to think 15 selected topics to post, and respond to 270 posts, counter respond to concerned responses. OMG! I really appreciate the brain behind this challenging contest.

    No life without Sun

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    It is only when rubbed against a rough surface a knife becomes sharp. It is only self accepted challenges that keep us on edge and make us engaged and away from unnecessary worries and thoughts. In the Covid lockdown period this is an interesting good-for-all-engagement.
    But one negative aspect which may unintentionally happen is that many threads may go deep down and may not get noticed.
    As SuN said, "our members will have a tough time posting responses to all the threads. " Regular active members can limit their threads to just the one for the contest during the contest period.

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    A very good title suggested by author "thread fortnight". It is observed that many of the members were regular in raising threads but some were selected as the winning thread, others being left behind. Now, with this contest, every thread has earned its value.
    Lead the leader

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    Right. A very good starting for the thread fortnight with a good thread. So definitely I think this contest is going to give a good boost to the forum section and we see many people submitting their threads daily for this 15 days. What the author told is correct and it will give a boost to ISC itself.
    always confident

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    Definitely, Thread-a-day up to 15 days is a great challenge to self. And all of us are trying to chase and fulfill the challenge. I hope everybody will be enjoying this challenge.

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    Most of us swayed through the fornight but we have to see who will be away.
    Lead the leader

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    Yes, more than twenty people (23 as per SuN)stayed through a fortnight of posting a thread each day. Now all these participants will be heaving a sigh of relief. It was a real good challenge to self.

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