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    Sir, please resolve this problem

    Today is day one of the month of July 2020. Being holed up in my house for months on end, I do raise early and I thought I can get to write my first entry to the ongoing contest on a thread a day,.

    I did write on teaching all epics to all children below the age of five, as I see a very disturbing trend of children playing video games for hours together and, parents feeling proud of it.

    However, the entry has a big black box on the right-hand side and a much smaller one on the left.

    I really do not understand how this can appear and why it appears. In spite of my best efforts, I was not able to remove it. The link at the bottom of the first contribution to the thread announcement cannot be seen properly. I tried to submit a duplicate but got a message that the duplicate is not saved.

    Please do take my contribution on record. And kindly set right this disturbance. I was really happy to see my revenue share this month but am demotivated by this black box menace. I have duly provided a link to my thread at the place as a response to the challenge. This is fine but it leads me to the same black box menace. Please resolve this issue.

    Well, this is not an entry to the contest!!!
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    Sivakumar, I doubt whether the problem has got something to do with the placement of ads. Please confirm whether you have managed the ad placements in your account because I don't this problem in the case of others. In the meanwhile, I will check out with the Webmasters as to why it might be occurring.

    Since you have given a link to your entry thread in the contest thread and your attempt to give the link of the announcement thread in your entry is partly visible, we will consider your entry as valid.

    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    Thank you Sir. Am afraid I did not find any advt at that time. Nevertheless, I will be very careful tomorrow.

    And in this thread, thank God, the black boxes did not appear. I think it is straight out of a Vittalacharya movie of those days!! In such movies, you will see a magic on screen almost every minute!!

    Well, jokes apart, let me wake up early tomorrow morning and get the thread done far before my wife wakes up ; this is exactly what happened today as well.

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