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    Do you think our younger lot working in the right direction?

    India is known to be a country teeming with high percentage of young generation at present. Every one know the present generation is the future of our country. If this young lot get properly trained, not only the individuals they get benefited but the country as a whole will prosper. For this dream to come true, we have to see changes from individual level to country level. Do you think our younger lot as a whole utilizing the available resources and time properly to benefit themselves atleast? If not what are the reasons for it and your solutions for it. Is our government properly planning policies that helps to train them and utilize them for the welfare of the country? If not why our government failing in that aspect? What are your suggestion for the government? Why there is a lot of unrest in younger generation of our country? Give your suggestion to overcome the unrest in young generation. This is my entry to ISC Birthday contest
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    Surely the younger lot needs to be guided and shown the path of progress though they are educated and take the challenges to their stride. Mere education and knowledge may not give best results the guidance of the elders and those who got experience should teach the young ones about the possible future hurdles, challenges and how to cope up the crisis. I am sure those who are well versed in crisis management, they can always prosper well and guide others and the young ones should not feel hesitate to approach them for suggestions and tip. By the way congrats to the author for the first thread of the thread a day contest.
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    The young generation is the future of our country. They are the leader, doctors, engineers, teachers but some may turn to be criminals if not properly guided. The young generation is a precious bunch of people that would lead a country to prosperity. And the prosperity grows only when a country has better administrators and intelligent people with problem-solving capabilities. To make a country a successful and prosperous, our young generation needs to be groomed well in every aspect of life. There must be a better academic and technological capabilities and facilities for young children to instil a better sensation and understanding.
    A complete ban on narcotics and drugs that destroys the lives of children who fall into abuse. It is a mense that has demolished peace of families and left them astonished and appalled. We can't expect such children involved in drugs bring prosperity to a nation. Better education and better direction are a backbone for the upbringing of a child.

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    The Young generation is as intelligent as the old one and once they put their efforts in their right spirit, they are sure to prosper. Constraints are definitely obstructing their path to achieve success and moreover, they are tied with some sentiments not allowing them to go outside for a better package. They are deeply attached to their parents and once they move out the residence, their parents may not get due care which they are enjoying at present in their association. Hence their potential are not being utilised to the fullest extent. It would be better if they could identify themselves where they could excell well.
    Sometimes, they lack proper encouragement from the different sources causing frustrations sometimes. The employers can take leading roles in this direction. Simply serving appreciation letters on the eve of their commendable performance would go a long way in boosting up their esteems. This would create confidence within themselves and the tasks undertaken by them can be accomplished brilliantly.

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    When we are young the teachers and the parents guided us properly and in the right direction. Those days parents thought that guiding their children in the right direction is their first and the foremost responsibility. That is why when a teacher punishes a student, the parents of the student never questioned the teachers?
    But these days there is a change in the attitude of the parents. They love their children so much that they are keeping silent even though their children are getting out of control. This attitude may be due to the planning of their family. When any commodity is rare, the interest towards that commodity will increase. Same is the case here also. Couples are having either one or two children. So they don't want their children to be unhappy. So they concentrate more on earning and leave the children. That is making a big difference. So I feel the role of parents is more than the role of the government in this case.
    That is why we are seeing very good and prospering young people also today in society and also the other type. The difference is due to the way they brought up, I think.

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    There are two queries in this thread. One is the reason for youth unrest. The most obvious one is that they find their education does not get them a job or that they do get employment but their expectations of the work role do not match their reality. Going a little back into the education part, the youth get disillusioned because more often then not the qualifications of the faculty do not match the teaching skills.

    The second query is what should the government do. The Govt., if I am not mistaken, does have vocational skill development schemes in place to help the youth to get gainful employment, but these seem to be mainly focusing on trades. Besides, is it necessary to always depend on an authority to do something? Why can't the educational institutes take some initiative and not stick to merely the curriculum as laid out by UGC or the university to which they are affiliated? They can come up with some kind of training modules that will give students some actual skills that would help them in a later career. At websites of the colleges, you will see how they have a career counselling cell or a placement cell and how students attend workshops to understand how to face an interviewer. Similarly, there can be arrangements to organize really relevant vocational or other skills as well that are related to the course already taken up or not necessarily so to give students flexibility. Such workshops can be scheduled twice a week or so with guest faculty coming in who have real expertise.

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