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    Practice stringent austerity measures to earn back loses

    For past 100 days many of us have undergone the hardship of managing the daily life as the income was half and for some the income was nil and therefore there is a need to practice stringent austerity measures to recover the loses thus happened. Having a contained food habit, no extravagant expenses through online purchasing, no gold purchase, no fashion statement and even the fee payment for the student education can be asked to make deferred payment. When such measures are put into practice, there is a hope for future good life. What do you say?

    A thread a day challenge 1st July 2020
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    This could situation has been tough for almost everyone and it has crippled our economy. People are facing it complicated to earn a livelihood and finding it tough to pay bills and dues pending for past many months. Therefore, a better approach is required from authorities towards subjects to pay dues, so people can slowly pay their long-standing debts without any problem. A rigid approach may aggravate this problem for people when they are already facing hardships in corona clampdown. Economy, I feel, can't be stable by invoking stringent measures but by a stable economic policy that would enable a healthy economy for the country.

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    The current pandemic has to be a lesson for many of us. There was a time when we were so busy that we did not have time for anyone. We were busy with work, friends, parties, etc. The one day off would be spent with friends, on restaurants, movies, bars, etc. Many of us were used to online shopping and would buy even things that were not useful but just because it was put on sale or have discounts, we purchased and is lying in one corner. The money earned and spent never tallied and no one cared as we never saw such situations before.

    The present jailed type condition has given us time to think and even taught us some bitter lessons of life. Anyone or people that matters most is our family, the healthiest food is the homely meals, our home is the best place on the planet, our family members are the most secured people with whom we are safe, things we have is sufficient for living a good life, money earned and money saved helps in difficulties, etc and it is never late to practice stringent austerity measures to get back the loses.

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    Yes,reducing extravaganza and cost reduction and practicing austerity in spending is an age old way to restrict losses and increase profit.

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    Cutting down on expenses in one way or the other is the need of the present hour. There is no other alternative to compensate for the loses. Those who have enough money and are not under financial burden should try to help the poor and needy during these difficult times instead of spending money lavishly. The author has raised a noteworthy thread in which he has mentioned some of the ways to increase profit by cutting down on various expenditures.

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    Behind every hardship, there is always an excellent result. Working on it consistently with patience and presence of mind, adhering to the rules and regulations to be followed under strict conditions helps us to reach goals.
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    In such hard times there is no other way to survive accept to go for austerity measures on a regular basis. No doubt it requires great deal of discipline but we have to impose that on ourselves voluntarily. Industrial growth takes place because of increased consumerism. When the income of people increases they start indulging in many activities which are not vital for our living and most of them are in the nature of show off and false pride. But the fact of life is that commercialisation and increased manufacturing activities require extravagant people who can buy those luxuries. So, that is one side of the story but in hard and tough times the equations change drastically as buying power drops considerably and it affects the business scenario adversely. Business thrives on more selling. If there is no sale the business dooms. Same thing is happening today as more and more people are observing austerity which is in turn creating downfall in the business arena.
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    During this critical time, we must take appropriate step to curtail our expenses since the time ahead would be still more difficult with no demands of finished product and due to poor market sentiments, industrial production will not be up to the satisfactory leve. There may be heavy lay off, no further employment of the fresh aspirants and the cost of essential items will soar due to inflationary trend. Hence precaution is essential to curb the unnecessary expenses so as to be utilised the same for the emergency fund in the time ahead.

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    During the lockdown, we reduced our austerity measures completely by compulsion, and we have reduced our expenditure drastically to a great extent. Now it is essential to continue with the same austerity measures to lead a happy and peaceful life until we roll back to the original state as existed before January 2020.
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    Yes. I completely agree with the author. Many people lost their jobs and some are not getting salaries. These people are not able to manage the show. We are lucky at least we are able to manage. Even though we can afford more expenses we should decrease the expenses and try to help the people who are not able to have food to eat. Once we do this we will be helping them to come out of their troubles. At least every one of us can help another one person, many people can be taken care of. So let is reduce unnecessary expenses and help to the needy.
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