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    Housewife can only make the house clutter free

    We all know that clutter is a great source of irritation in our houses and we keep everything at some place thinking that it would be used one day. Even if a member of the house wants to dispose unused and unnecessary items in the house the other member would discourage him to do so and in many cases it is the housewife who would like to keep it as she is not very sure whether it would be of use in future or not. Being a housewife this is my experience though it might vary from individual to individual. I feel that if a housewife is sure and can take decisions for discarding many old and unused items and waste material especially old clothes etc to get the house clutter free then other members would surely agree and a big problem would be resolved. What do you thick about this? Please share your thoughts.

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    It is true that the home minister or the women of the house knows everything about the house and can make the decision of keeping or discarding things in a home. A housewife knows what to buy, what to reuse, what to throw and what to be kept for a later stage. As the best and easy practise, it is always the women of the house that takes the chare of keeping the house clutter-free.

    In our house, it is a different story. My mother doesn't like to throw away any of the old things and that includes her clothes like sarees, bedsheets, curtains, table covers, nights etc. She keeps on shifting it from here to there whenever she cleans her cupboard or rack.

    My younger sister takes charge of cleaning her almara and she does this in her absence. She cleans her cupboard, extracts the old and used clothes and keeps it in different racks or bags and gives it to people in need. My mother always keeps her things in good condition and thus can be used by others as it looks new. Even I don't throw away my things and this too is done by my sister in my absence and just informs me through phone or text. She compensates them with a few new shirts and t-shirts when she visits home.

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    As the lady of the house involves in the house works more she will know which one comes to use and which one is waste. However each member may have his or her areas of experience and expertise. So a collective effort will be the ideal one.

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    What I have seen in my house is that ladies of our home want to throw the unwanted materials and make it clutter-free but other members stop them from doing so. They want to keep everything within the house by saying they need those things in future. I agree with the author that housewife can make it clutter-free. No matter what other members say or do, housewife or anybody who is spending most of the time looking after the home should own up the responsibility to get rid of all the clutter from the home so that it looks beautiful.

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    It is the other way round in our house. I am a little sentimental. I can't take the decision of disposing of old items. They served us for long and now they want to take rest. But we are throwing them away. Is it not a bad trait? But my wife says the house will become a museum if you keep all the items like this. So she will be clearing such items regularly and sees that waste will not get accumulated in the house. One good thing is that she will give the majority of those items poor people who wanted to use them. If the item is not useful she will dispose of off as scrap. The fact is that she can only judge really which item is not useful and which is not.
    The author is very correct in saying that only house can clear the clutter from the house. But the other members in the house can help her in this activity. If they are not allowing her to do that the house will get too much crowded and no place will be available. I have seen some houses where people will keep not only old items but also their packing material also for long.

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    Old is Gold. This is what makes the house to clutter. It is not bad to have many things at home. What is important is that they should be secured properly with a great look. One of my cousin sisters has the practice of accumulating more and more utensils. When I ask her why she is keeping so many unused utensils at home, she used to say, "What happens to you. They are in their place. They are not causing problems to us. They are very safe and sound." We cannot change people with such mentality to preserve old things at home.
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    As the housewife knows about the old and new items and their inventory in house as she is dealing with them most of the times, who could be a better person for discarding or disposing old items than her. Still, I feel that we should not give this entire responsibility to her only and every member should contribute in getting clutter from the house. It is logically and rationally proved that clutter is a negative entity in our houses and a clutter free house is a place to rejoice. So, getting rid of it is must in any household and all the family members should participate in it and not only the housewife though she is capable of doing it.
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    I partially agree with the statement the author has made.

    I want to share a real-time example of my brother & sister-in-law.

    My brother is a freelancer working from home for years now. He has been staying home while my sister-in-law goes to the office (9 to 5). It's their routine work.

    During her absence, my brother takes care of gardening, washing clothes, cleaning utensils, cooking, keeping things neat and tidy, sweeping, mopping, cleaning washrooms, etc.

    He has 10+ years of IT experience, a self entrepreneur, feminist. He helps me grow personally, professionally (I am a working woman in Govt Sector).

    He always says, keep our surroundings neat and tidy helps us stay healthy. And cooking is his relaxation point.

    He works almost 9 hours a day while taking care of all the domestic work including their own pet.

    My sister-in-law takes care of the entire home on week-ends (she is working with a regulator in Mumbai).

    Both are from IIT, IIM, however, they feel sharing the work is caring for each other.

    I admire their love for each other, which is helping them not only their home but their life clutter-free. I am a proud sister of him.

    I want to say this - not only a homemaker could do it, but interest to keep ourselves healthy thought make us keep home and family healthy and clutter free.

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    A housewife knows better whether the old material should be discarded or to be retained. She does not like to have any interference in this regard. While stacking the materials, she assigns a particular place for such items so that in the next time. locating the same would not take time. The collected materials would give you an impression as if they are kept in a store.
    Once you ask the housewife where is the saree offered to you from your elder brother side in 2004, she would at once show you the same piece instatenously. The housewives do possess excellent memory power and they are the best in managing their houses.

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    When I say that housewife can do it better I do not say that others cannot do it. Other members are also welcome to do it if they so desire and can spare time.
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