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    Should a peace lover hold weapon in hand? *

    Dear All,
    Should a person loving peace hold a weapon in their hand? Most of the God-created human beings wish to lead a happy and peaceful life on this earth. All talk about peace and harmony. They teach and preach about a peaceful life on earth. But I really wonder the personalities who talk about peace but hold a weapon behind them to protect. Should there be a weapon in the hands of a person talking about peace?
    The same is applicable to a country too. While a country loves peace and don't wish to go on a war against any nation, should the nation spend huge money for its defence forces? If at all the other nation wants to wage a war, can't the peace-loving nation think of peace and avoid using weapons. I am sure, a person or a country will think twice before using a weapon against an unarmed peace lover.

    Let us discuss this. Should a peace lover hold a weapon in hand?

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    I think you are talking about Ahimsa which was taught, practised by the Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi and is followed by many as a theory and practice in Gandhism. Ahimsa means practising nonviolence, to forgo anger, hate, lust and to forgive our enemies. He taught that if a person slaps you on one cheek, show him your second cheek.

    We all love peace and tranquillity and would never think of fight, war or hurting anyone. It is good to be loved, forgiven and cared but is this possible to be the same when you are targeted every time. The more you try to ignore and move away from it, the more they will try to involve you.

    At present, we are having tensions in our border. We are and is trying our best to make a peaceful pact with our neighbouring countries. Be it Pakistan, Nepal or China but when they attack us, occupy our land and kill our soldiers, can we remain silent keeping our hands folded. We have never tried to attack unless and until the water overflows and this is known to everyone. Even after remaining silent and keeping patient for years, they took us for granted and have started taking lives our innocent people through bomb blasts, terrorist attacks and bomb shelling near our border. Sometimes we have to take a weapon to make our opponent realise that peace is better but our nation/family matters more.

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    Everything is acceptable in war and lov.
    Evena peace lover can also use weapon as a last resort to establish Dharma or as a last way of self defence.

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    You may be a peace lover. But the people around you are not having that quality. They will always wait for a chance to kill you. So we should protect ourselves from such evil forces. Then only we can live and continue our mission of peace.
    Especially in the present days where people are very aggressive and never hesitate to harm others one should be careful. I was told that Gandhiji used to show his second side if one beats him one side. These days we can't do it. Diamond is to be used for cutting a diamond. So it is required these days to carry a weapon with us even if we want to protect the peace. By eliminating all the people who are against peace, we can establish peace on the earth. For that, we may use a weapon.

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    Yes, he has to hold a flower at the beginning and express his views about peace. If the receiver or the listener is not able to fall in track with love and hatred begins to rage leading to war. Some people tend to understand only through wars. They do not want any talks or any discussion but want to achieve their own goals and save themselves. Hence once the person can not give value was peace, war is the only way to bring him to the right path.
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