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    Today is International Doctor's Day

    Today is International Doctor's Day. Let us think and thank all the doctors on this earth today. Doctors are said to be Gods. All human beings are prone to diseases. Everyone is destined to suffer from diseases, maybe from a simple headache to a heavy heart attack. To get them cured, there is no route other than a clinic or hospital. Doctors are the lifesavers. If there were no doctors on this earth, the world population would have zeroed.

    Let us salute the doctors on this Doctor's Day.
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    Doctors deserve huge respect for the responsibilities they carry on their shoulders. Doctors are the hope of patients. Doctors fill the positivity and life among patients by treating them. They risk their lives to save patients and try their best to bring back smiles on patients. In this corona crises, everyone is running away from corona patients, doctors embrace, encourage and treat them to stand again. Constantly working with corona patients has risked the lives of many doctors but then it does hamper the doctors to runaway from attending the patients. These doctors are leaving their families only to treat patients and make them healthy. Right, they deserve huge respect, honour, salute and gratitude!

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    I take this opportunity to salute the entire Doctor community for all the dedicated and selfless service rendered by them for the sake of humanity. Happy Doctor's Day! They deserve respect and appreciation and we must always acknowledge their contribution to the well being of the society as a whole.
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    It is true that Doctors and Nurses have been on their foot for a month during this pandemic times and everyone have been trying their best along with other medical staffs or the entire health department to keep everyone safe and sound. As today is International Doctor's Day, I would like to take this opportunity to pray and thank every doctor for rendering their service to mankind and trying their best to cure and relieve every patient. May the almighty bless and keep you and your family in a good and peaceful state always.
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    Many people choose the career of a doctor but their lives are not so easy. They have to be on call for any emergency situation. Their job is not only difficult but also is challenging and risky. A surgeon is repairing and curing the body of a living being and there are all sorts of risks involved. If any negligence is there the patient would die in the operation theatre itself. It is a precision job where responsibilities are much. Doctors are doing a great service to the humanity. During the present virus crisis many doctors had got the deadly infection and some of them are no more with us. It is a sad and tragic thing that has happened to these doctors while performing their duties. I salute to these brave warriors who are fighting to cure the all types of patients admitted in the hospitals.
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    Normally the service of doctors will not get revealed and understood by many.People who really face setback and only when they got rid of the setback, they realize the service of doctors and nurses are really great. There is no words to express our gratitude to the doctors and nurses. Even the spouses of the doctors do not understand the difficulties and problems faced by a doctor in his/service. But now, the corona effect makes everybody in the world to realize the services of doctors are great.

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    I wish all the doctors a happy doctor's day. I salute all the doctor's for their selfless service to the patients in seeing that the patients will recover and see that they will have good health. They are next to God. They are doing a very good service to the people who are suffering from CIVID 19 without caring for their own lives. So people should keep this in mind and should never attack them. They try sincerely but sometimes there may be some failures and we have to accept them.
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    Doctor's deserve to be appreciated as they are safeguarding humanity from the clutches of the corona. They are worried about the patients than their families. The supporting staff to the doctors like the nurses, Asha workers, ayahs and ward boys are also working hand in hand. I take pride in thanking these staffs for their vulnerable efforts to humanity.
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