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    Why "like Repels" and "Opposites attracts"?

    We all have heard the idiom "opposites attract" and it seem to be originated only after Greek philosopher Plato's laws of the affinity of Philia and Neikos (attractive force and repulsive force) but came into circulation only after 1850 with the phrase "like repels like, and opposites attract."

    We all might have seen or experienced that the best couple has complete opposite characters like a short-tempered man with a soft-hearted wife, a thin man with a stout lady, a freak guy with a simple girl, a back with the white, a tall with the short, a reticent man with loquacious women, a rich with the poor, etc. It is also seen that when opposite meets it enhances them and completes them as a couple.

    As opposite poles attract so also the opposite idiosyncrasy of a person. We fall in love with the person who is the very obverse of you. It may be what you call the work of God or supreme power to make a couple feel complete when they join together. What do the members feel about the phrase "people who are very different from each other are often attracted to each other?"

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    I do not know much about "like repels and opposites attract" concept. In this world, we can see both types of pairs. Some couples are similar to each other and complement each other very well. At the same time, we can find couples who are very different from each other, yet look good with each other.

    I feel that it is the karmic account which serves as the mode of attraction. When we have a strong karmic account with someone, we may hardly notice the similarities or dissimilarities. We will get attracted to them and carry forward our relationships.

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    It is much applicable to the poles - Like poles repel and unlike poles attract each other. But in life, I do not think so. Like poles like and unlike poles dislike.
    About getting marriage between dark x white, tall x short, thin x fat, etc is the destiny that is already decided by the creator.

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    In this world all sort of combinations are possible. What attracts a person to other is a matter of research and inquisition. We make friend based on some parameter and do not feel friendly with people whom we do not like. Sometimes like minded people become friend for ever while sometimes the similar people envy each other so much that they cannot think of having friendship. So it is not possible to generalise these things and they may change from the person to person and situation to situation. The psychology of liking and disliking is a deep phenomenon and requires some pondering over the matter.
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    Best couple always unknowingly supplement and not directly oppose. One gets importance only in the other's presence. Only when each is different life has variety and interest. Then only by and by each will try to adjust with the other. Such opposites are like the plug and socket, nut and bolt, two tooth wheels. They only fit each other.
    So, sometimes proverbs can be wrong also. Un-likes need not repel, they fit best and hold each other and become better functional.

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    Every person has some choices, preferences, interests and also belong to different caste, creed, speak different languages, are having knowledge in different fields, are if different age groups but still there is something the is common in few.

    While we are conversating to people we come across all the above information. Some aspects will be same as ours. Hence we will be able to get attracted based on that thoughts. It is rightly said that India is a democratic country, we all are Indians, which makes us attract to each other.

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    "like reples" and "Opposites attracts" is true always in the theory of magnetism. But in human life, it may be different. Like-minded people may be together. Their thought process may be the same. But people having different minds can't go together.
    I am a devotee of Saibaba. So I will go and sit with other Saibaba devotees. But who are not the devotees of Saibaba will not come and pray there. All drinkers can sit together and drink. But a teetotaler can't sit with them for long. This is natural. So I don't know whether this statement ("like reples" and "Opposites attracts" ) holds good or not these in our day to day lives.

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    I have seen many people where they are completely opposite to their spouse but make a good pair. One is strict while the other is soft, one is talkative while the other remains silent, one loves music while other prefer reading in silence, one like to go out while the other prefers to stay home, etc. This is what made me rise this thread.
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