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    What if the water becomes colourful

    Yeah, a silly thought came in my mind that what if we will have water with different colours, that too naturally? The thought itself drove me crazy. So, it will be like today I took bath with orange water and boiled green water. In monsoon, the news will be like, yellow coloured rain in North India; pink coloured rain in the Eastern part of the country is expected in the next 24 hours. We will be having options to drink different coloured waters on different days and even in marriages and parties, there will be different counters for different coloured waters. The cooking recipes will be like use white coloured water in the cooking for better results and we would be having different coloured dishes and even colourful chapattis. My thoughts are going endless, what about you? Share your colourful ideas with colourful water. Which colour will you prefer?

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    A peculiar thought from you. In this regard, we need to request the creator of this earth or ask him the reason for creating water as colourless. While we suffer a lot with two colors black and white, should we suffer more and more with colourful waters. Even we are not able to share our river waters between the states, I wonder what would happen if the water becomes colourful and attractive.

    Thank God. Let your suggestion remain with ISC. If leaked, the business community will start manufacturing different colours of waters and sell in different types of cans. It would cost more. As it is, one sweet colour water of one and a half litre is costing Rs. 100/-

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to Troop Bazar near Abids Hyderabad where in the biggest electronic market is situation and you can get all electrical and electronic items at whole sale rates. And those who are dealing with mono-bloc pumps have fixed the motor to the tank which keep on pumping and pouring colored water into the plastic tank again and recycled. The colors are like green, red , orange and even pink. It would be nice to watch such colored water being functioning all through the road and some people would also take selfie for their mobile images being taken at this market.
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    We have read in science that water is a colourless liquid and is the nectar for human lives on Earth. It keeps us alive and energetic. Water has many minerals in it which are very useful for our health and those who have opportunity to drink the pure spring water they are benefitted by these minerals that are mixed with it through its passage in the deep rocks after which these springs emerge out as a continuous water stream. So, in spite of having so many minerals, it did not get any colour so definitely imagining a coloured water is just like a dream and we can visualise how the life would be with that added dimension.
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    Water is a very great subject especially from the Vedic system. Water is the source of energy as per Vedas and ultimate philosophy. Scientists also have known that.
    It may not be acceptable to the ordinary school -college science educated people.

    Water is a major solvent Had it been coloured this it could not have be so.
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    I am glad to receive colourful responses to my thought of colourful water. I would like to mention that everything has some positive and some negative aspects. So, until and unless it is not the reality, we cannot draw any conclusion or theory about it. I could not think of all such points about colourful water. Thanks for adding new dimensions to my thinking.

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    The post reminds of the Holi festivals where we use colourful waters to colour our friends, families and neighbours. The colour brings in the warmth and brightness of the festivals. We start preparing ourselves from days and also think about doing it in different ways every time. We buy colours, balloons, water guns, etc to colour for others. We even take care of ourselves by applying oil before going out.

    The second thought about colourful waters is on the beaches. I have not visited many beaches but seen on TV (National Geography, Safari, etc) where they show different places and other things. The colour of water there is clean and crystal clear like blue, green but here we see just dirty water. Nowadays, people have become cautious and keeping beaches clean and it is a good scene. We always wonder to swim in clear water as seen in Other countries.

    As mentioned by other members, water is a source of life and science tells us that the origin of life began from water. The best property of water is that it is tasteless, odourless and colourless and comes in all the three forms/states i.e solid, liquid and vapour. Let this nature of water help us understand that we need to be same as water to be a simple and humble human being while we live on this earth.

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    If the water becomes colourful -
    1. There will be less demand for cold drinks which comes in a variety of colours.
    2. New tourist spots can be created based on the colour of water in that area. The more attractive the colour, the more number of visitors will be there.
    3. A new job can be created which is to extract colours from the water where water will be the source of colours.
    4. Since the colour will vary the benefits will also vary for sure. Water therapy is already there and if it is colourful it will expand to some new horizons.

    These are all I can think of if we have water in various colours.


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    During my childhood days in our village colour sodas were available. They used to add some colour to the water and then prepare soda in sealed glass bottles. They are supposed to add food-grade colours but I don't know which grade they were mixing. People who are not able to afford cool drinks used to drink these colour sodas and they used to feel happy. After seeing this post I remembered those sodas. We used to drink lemon sods but not colour sodas.

    Yellow colour rain is acid rain and harmful. White is a combination of 7 colours. So water has all the colour and that is the reason it is appearing colourless. I think we all remember the experiment studied during high school to prove that white colour is a mix of seven colours (Violet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow. orange and red.) So we can say water is having seven colours. But not visible for the naked eye.

    It is not advisable to add any colour chemicals to the water. If somebody is interested to have colour water, they can see that water through a coloured spectacle so that water will appear colourful.

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    My first thought on seeing this thread is not about the colour, but about its purity. Considering even our natural sources of water are so heavily polluted, imagine how coloured water would be; not just impurities in them due to man-made pollutants, but also the possibility that the colour of the water would camouflage those impurities. Water is clear so when we look into it and see, say, something floating in it, we will not use it for cooking or drinking.
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    Actually, a clear water should be colourless. If there is any colour seen in the water it may be due to the contaminant present in in the water. Generally, in an Environmental Lab we test and also check colour of the water. Some time presence of metallic contaminants may give a coloured hue to it. So if water will be coloured it means there is some pollutant.

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    We have to understand the mechanism of nature, the entire universe made by Him is colourful except the water. Though it may appear muddy at the first glance while seeing its appearance in the ponds and wells, but such a colouration will vanish after the settlement of the residue providing you a natural gift from God to enjoy the healthy water.
    Drinking water would provide you natural nutrients dissolved in the water and there is no substitute of his creations.

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