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    Action delayed is as good as no action

    Many times we will be hearing about various illegal activities in Society. Complaints will be given to the police station. But they may be taking their own time to finalise the case.

    Many court cases are pending for years together and the culprits will be roaming around. The people will forget about the misdeeds done by them. Finally, these culprits will continue doing such mischiefs again and again. We often hear that delayed justice is justice denied.

    Even in the case of diseases to the people, if they take action in time, they will get back to normalcy. Otherwise, it will become chronic and there may be chances of losing a life.

    That is why it is always correct to say a stitch in time saves nine. But sometimes these delayed actions will create such problems which can't be set alright by nine stitches also and we may have to discard the item completely.

    So I feel action delayed is as good as no action,

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    When we are in pain, we take pain killers to subdue it, when we have some problem, we complain to the respective person or department, when we want some money, we go to bank or ATM and take out some money, when we are hungry, we either open our Tiffen or go to the nearest restaurant or mess to have our food or snacks. In the same way, when we need to take some action, we have to take it on time or else, it is of no use. If we are not able to eat when we are hungry, our hunger quells, when we have pain and it is not attended, we may not be able to focus on anything and slowly it will become severe, when we had to pay but could not, it will turn to interest and even cut our order/connection, etc. It is rightly said that we need to take action on time as it will help to reduce stress or complications.
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    Sometimes delay results in benefit also. We may call them as fluke or luck or fate. It is always delay something which when hastily done will harm others.
    Recently I read about the good deeds of a native ruler-King of Cochin-. There was a rule that any capital punishment should be carried out only after getting the final clearance from the King. So in this particular King's time, when the jail authorities asked for clearance he did not give them immediate clearance. Whenever they asked he will delay. Thus after some time the jail authorities stopped reminding him. The King became eager and asked the reason. They said the convict died. The King murmured himself that at least he needs not regret that e killed him.

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    Some times as delay may be good. But how much delay? There are instances where persons lost their jobs as they have delayed the execution of some works. I have also seen some instances because of the delay done by a senior person in the Organisation, his juniors lost the jobs. So In majority cases, it is definitely better to take timely actions. In politics, there may be some delayed actions and they will be because of the hidden agendas of some politicians. Keeping a convict without implementing the punishment is also a fault only, in my opinion. All the victims will be kept in jail and the money collected from us in the form of taxes will be used for taking care of them. That is a waste of money.
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