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    March past or March fast, where are we?

    We all know that the month, March has fastened up its footprints. We have to work hard on erasing these footprints from our notebooks of life. Now we have to get ready, to give a farewell without a party through March past. Our warriors are ready even though they have a family, they considered the citizens as their first family to serve, save, to stand with us too, sing the national anthem, but are we ready? How can we erase?

    If we are ready, we have to be steady. If we have to erase we have conscious with our sensible actions to extend a clean hand to join the March past, to fight and throw away this disastrous life schedules before we get into the field for real March past on August 15, our Independence day. Let us be an independent person working for the nation.

    So where are we? are will still in March month or are we moving ahead by learning the techniques to reach the March past.

    My first thread for a thread a day challenge
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    Hahaha...this post made me think of where are heading to? The first half of a near is over but we are still in the pavilion waiting for our turn to get to the crease. The ground is empty and so is the field. This pandemic has dug a big hole. We can say that we will be able to fill the hole but the time it will take for people like us to make it atleast to a ground /plain level is still unknown. Everyone is fighting to make every end meet from food, clothing, medicine, electricity, water, internet, fees, etc and expecting to have a better second half. I received a message in our school group that ask everyone to spread positivity. It tells that the year 2020 is like twins in a movie, one bad and one good. The bad has finished his timing and now its the time of the good to play its role. Let us hope to get a good chance to have a good second half and to end the year with a happy ending. As we are marching fast to our countries Independence day, let us hope to March past our bad days and march with and in the good days.
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    Spread the positivity to see the possibility and throw away the hidden thoughts behind being positive.
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    We have to march ahead consciously. We cannot be too fast as the world is battling with a pandemic. The situation made us think in different ways. It changed our lifestyle and our thought process. We are thinking twice before taking any action. We only hope that everything will be better but do not really know when. We are actually in a fix and at times think that life has become standstill. But again, we cannot brood on the past and need to gear ourselves up for the March past on Independence Day.

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    March passed away without a March past from February with a big worry. Corona and we and marching together slowly to reach the next March. Corona is taken longer steps from day today. I do not know whether will see a grand celebration on 15th August 2020 and a March Past on 26th January 2021. I hope we will be marching with our face masks, and maintain social distance for a year or more.

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    This year March was slow and not fast due to Corona. It put brakes on our steady march. On March 22nd it was sample Janata Curfew. Then started the actual lockdown and it continues though with some relaxation. Let us hope that very soon we will be back on our march fast and there will be a real happy public March past on August 15.
    Before that let there comes an effective afordable medicine to treat and cure Corona infected persons.

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    Very good. I don't think this March will be very slow and will be there for some more time. It may not allow us to have a good march past for the coming independence day. I think that is not the fault of March. We have waited till March to take the decision of March past to drive out the virus very late. Anyhow, let us hope we will have a final laugh at the Virus. Shortly a medicine for the problem and vaccine will be there in the hands of the doctors so that we will have many more days to have a happy march past. A good thread from the author.
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    Usually, March considered as a busy month for students as exams were conducted in all thee schools. For the first time in the field of education, this year students were at homes.
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    How long can we work from home? This month end may be and end to this style. Then, we have to march fast to our offices.
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