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    Kind Attention ISC ME, Editors and Members

    Attn ISC ME and Editors and Members.
    Happy ISC Birthday.
    The Challenge contest is 'On'
    Every day there would be 18+ new posts for challenge contest
    Also, there will be additional posts from the members
    It will be very difficult to identify the challenge threads

    I suggest having some identification mark with the challenge contest threads.

    I propose that the thread title of the contest thread should have five stars at the end of the thread title, for easy identification.
    e.g. Should a peace lover hold a weapon in hand? *****

    Your views and comments, please.
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    There is no need for such markings to give an ID. Since we have to give a link to the announcement at the end of the thread, we will know it is part of the challenge. Besides, as a forum participant, we don't need to, and in fact, should not discriminate between such threads and the others. We can, as usual, decide to respond if the topic interests us.
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    Okay, As you wish.
    Anyway, the contest won't be interesting if we don't recognize a thread. I am sure, many contest threads will go down to the bottom and the next pages and will be unattended. It increases the time to search for contest threads. Members may skip many contest threads, I am sure. If my suggestion is implemented, the challenge contest will be very interesting.
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    Searching the threads and answering, we have to learn the key to this technique. We have to answer our threads as well as the threads written by other members too.
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    What is the key to this technique that we need to learn?
    In competitions, we should not rest. We should find the thread and post our responses and post-counter-responses.
    Supposing, in one of your thread, you responded to my response and posed a question for clarification. How would I know that you have posted a response? If the thread is marked with certain identification as a contest thread, I would easily go through all the thread on a day and don't miss to respond.

    I don't want to use "Notify me by email when others post comments to this". If I use, My mailbox will be overcrowded.

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    Each day one thread would be posted and let the authors give the link to their daily thread on link shared today. The second link can be posted beneath that and so on. So all the threads of the author could be visible in tandem.
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    15 threads. Members are likely to forget their own thread posts and may not be able to look at their threads in the forum index. They will have to make frequent visits to the contest announcement thread and look for the link. Let the members mark their own threads with their own simple symbols. It is like hanging a thread with Red or Blue or Yellow pins.

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    I request the members to mention the date of the thread while writing the linking address and that is enough to locate the threads and follow the above suggestions given already.
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    One can go to the contest announcement and thread and see the threads that are submitted by various members and we can click on that to read and respond to those threads.
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    Is there any urgent need to identify the threads which are posted for the Challenge? Everything will be linked in both ways. The particular thread will have a link to the announcement thread and also the announcement thread will have the list of the threads posted by a member. In one of your replies, you have said that members may forget their own posts. Well, when you are participating in a contest I don't think you will forget the previous one as there is always a link associated with each of your posts. You can also keep a tab by writing down the titles of each thread you have posted in the Challenge on a notebook.

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