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    Role of media in democracy

    Media being the fourth pillor in democracy plays a very important role in keeping us aware of various social, political and economical activities taking place in the country and the world.

    It is the media that reminds politicians about their unfulfilled promises and also reminds them to work for the people.

    The media also reminds governments about loopholes in the dispensation, which eventually helps in making accountable, responsive and masses-friendly system.

    A plethora of sensitive news leaves negative impact and shapes the mindset of the people accordingly. Here media has to understand its onus rather seriously.

    Serious allegations are being made against media that it has compromised and forgotten its moral onus. You can't watch some of their advertisement with your family. It's said that Commercialization has changed motive of the media that it is running after TRP only.

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    The role of media especially the electronic media has become bad to worse and the television channels are taking party lines of their own choice and thus the news seems to be biased towards others. Though the ruling party does have the Doordarshan to telecast all its programs and happenings, but the inside view of the ministries and Ministers and taking special interview of the leaders are surely the big work done by some national medial. In that melee they are creating a pro-govt propaganda in a such big way which does not exist in actual. And there are some national media which does not give credence to the great progress made by the ruling party through their announcement and work as the mouth piece of opposition parties. Surely India needs a balanced media which acts as the bridge between the people and the govt.
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    As media is nowadays controlled or owned by profit aimed big investors and multinational business houses and vested interests they all work with some bias only. The business interests use the media to make things in their favour and even manipulate things, manufacture news and opinion etc.
    It is not possible to get the correct and fair report from one media source. We may have to piece together from different and rival or divergent sources to arrive at somewhat correct picture of events reported.

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    The role of media in any democracy is seen and play a vital role in keeping peace and harmony in the country. Being called the fourth pillar of our democracy, to keep the social, political and economical activities going transparently, many a time we feel that they turn bias and favours a party. Any media, be it print, screen or social, everyone has a major role in keeping the tranquillity and work for the betterment of the country. They need to work together with the government and people to get the better out of the resources. They can put forward the plight of people, show the effect of any laws on people, the good work that the government does for its people, etc. They have to be neutral and help both the government to know the problems of the common man and help people to understand the constraints of the government. When used for progress and good governance, it can play the best part and help to bring forward everything from good to bad and get the best be done and the bad to be withdrawn from taking place.
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    Media is a mirror showing the actions of the Government which is a body of several ministers spread over different departments. Encasing the culture and tradition, giving the public the basic knowledge related to various issues to make their lives to look through various setbacks.
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    The media is a very powerful and important medium in any country and is more so in a democracy. If media is honest, transparent, straight forward, and sincere then it can contribute in the progress of the country as it can bring any thing to public light which is not correct and then Govt would be forced to take some corrective measure on that. Unfortunately in our country the media is polarised and is also biased in many matters so people are not getting a correct picture from the media reports and are simply misled by it. You do not know which news is correct.
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    Thanks for replies. Focal point of all posts is that we shouldn't rely on media blindly as they are or likely to be subject to any powerful lobby.

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