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    Efforts for making a career start right from class IX itself

    Nowadays parents are very conscious for making the careers of their children and try to inculcate reading and study habits in them by providing them all the facilities that they can manage within their financial conditions. Some children are intelligent as well as obedient and take guidance from their parents and generally perform good in exams. But all are not like that. In my opinion, parents should take care of these things since early childhood but sometimes too much pressure on the children is also not a good thing and can adversely affect their upbringing. So parents require to use some prudence in this matter. I feel that when the student reaches class IX after passing class VIII then that is the appropriate time to persuade and monitor the child for his future aspirations and ambitions. This is the time when the parents should make him clear that he has to start preparing for the examinations that the child is dreaming to appear to become a doctor or engineer or lawyer or aeroplane pilot or any such thing in his mind or in the minds of parents. Today the competition is becoming tough day by day and the job opportunities are shrinking. Companies are contemplating for taking more work by less employees by offering them performance bonus. So, in such a situation it makes sense to inspire the children right from their class IX stage itself for future competitive endeavours. What do the members think about this? Please share.

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    Rightly said by the author as the 9th class the penultimate step for any student to enter the basic of higher education and the tenth class is the stepping stone for the higher studies. And those who have scored their best marks in the subjects of their interest can determine their moves in the ninth class and by coming to the 10th class the intentions would be clear to the parents and others as to what course has to be taken and how to move about further. Accordingly after passing out the tenth class the Intermediate course can be decided easily and the studies are carried forward with ease.
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    It is very true that every parent is conscious and under pressure to make a good career of their children or ward. As parents are working, they listen to many things around them and thus would be more impatient about their child's career which in turn puts pressure on their child.

    Every child has a capacity and it cannot be matched or compared with others. We know that it is not like earlier that we focus on only some specific or known field like doctors, engineers, police, teachers, accounts, banks, etc. Nowadays, we have many newly explored fields that can provide better job opportunities for the child and the choice should always be of the child.

    As the child is growing, he gets fascinated by many jobs and this keeps on changing as he clears one class to the next. As mentioned by the writer, class IXth would be ideal for a child to make a choice after correct guidance and knowledge of the career he/she is interested in. There are an inborn talent and quality in each child and when he/she is able to make her choice that he likes or is passionate about, they will never turn back or look down as they will find their own path and pursue it. It is the duty and responsibility to help their children to explore their talent and passion and help them to come to a conclusion without any pressure which will help them live a better life thereafter.

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    Why only from ninth? I have seen advertisements of coaching classes seeking enrolments of students studying in class seven onwards, for certain career options.
    Just as in many other situations moulding is easy when one is young. This will be more significant and beneficial in the field of arts and sports.

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    These days parents don't have that much patience. They can't wait till they come to ninth class. They will never see the interest of the candidate also. They force them and pressurise them to study and get admitted into IIT or medicine. This is the present-day situation. So if parents can take the suggestion of the author it is most welcome. I as a parent never pressurised my sons for their ranks or seats. But both of didi will and completed their B.Tech and got jobs in campus interviews.

    Pressurising the people and putting them techno schools and teaching them more than what they can absorb is also not correct. Parents should come out of those feelings and see that children will enjoy their childhood. This is what I think is the best way.

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    I have put class IX as per my perception and experience as there are a lot of increments in the syllabus during this phase but yes if some parents can motivate the children even earlier say class VIII or VII it can done to their advantage.
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    Some parents have become so conscious and concerned for the careers of their children that they pursue them since early childhood to learn so many things simultaneously and hope that they would be doing good in the coming times. But, alas, it is seldom true. The children should be asked to do things or study in a consistent manner and in a sustained manner and that is the key to making a successful career. As regards telling that class IX is the main point from where the parents should be more concerned, it could be true to some extent but again whichever point they take for accelerating their studies, it should be continuous and sustaining. In many families sustaining the studies is the primary issue as children are easily distracted to other indulgences when they are growing up.
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    My idea to raise this thread was that only 2 years that is during class XI and class XII are not sufficient for preparing for exams like NEET or JEE etc. So one has to prepare from at least 1-2 years before.
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