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    When my thoughts and prayers were with them…..

    Lockdown 2.0 was on its start and I was just going through the news to know what was happening around, all regional, national and international channels downpouring the news of the spread of Corona and its global impact. No mood to have a further deep thought and tuned to the laughter show of Kapil Sharma, this time he too failed miserably to change my mood. Perhaps residing in an area that was falling in a Red zone might have created some sort of dullness and fear. Yet again got back the news channel which was telecasting the live visuals of the migrant labourers revolting against the local police in a Metro city to allow them to go to their native states even by walk.

    I recalled my journey to Chennai in February by Howarh-Madras Mail this year escorting my daughter to attend PI and WAT for admission to IIMs through CAT examination. It was an unplanned and hectic journey and thanks to my brother who could arrange Sleeper tickets under the Emergency quota in such short notice. It was 9th Feb, we boarded the train, the red-faced my little cute uncomfortably settled down in her berth. She was experiencing for the first time a journey by a sleeper class and cursed me for not putting efforts for securing a berth in AC III-tier and I too was feeling little guilty for the trouble caused to her. The so-called reserved compartments packed up with many passengers standing around and the prose - 'The journey by train' by J B Priestly looked to be true in all spirits. Thus the day journey was quite boring as the people surrounding us appeared to be rural masses.

    When the clock struck 9 PM, all berth holders started slowly to go to sleep and the TTE asked all others to get out of the compartment and RAC passengers to adjust themselves with no chance of confirmation of the berths but in vain. All of them tried to adjust and sleep by sitting at the open space for passage or between the Lower berths. One pair - wife and husband sought permission to use the space between my berth and my opposite one. While conversing, they revealed that they including all such passengers in the train that day were daily laborers working in a Real Estate company at Chennai and all of them were returning to their workplace from various places of Srikakulam district in Andhra after spending Sankranti holidays. The lady told that they have a son and left him with his grandparents for studies. Their daily income together would be around one thousand per day which would be much more than they would earn if they live in their native place.She said they were comfortable with shelter provided by their owner wherever he undertakes the Real estate work and their life is doing well. They would again return to Dussera to see their kid, she added. Both of them fell into a deep sleep, my daughter resting on the Middle berth was listening to music using earphones; seriously looking at me in between as a sign of her anger for talking to them. Yes, I couldn't sleep for two reasons - uncomfortable in such an environment and the other one, the pathetic story of the daily labourers moving to such far off places for their earning and to meet their daily needs. They too paid the same amount of mine but wait-listed, yet they were comfortable with the kind provision of space to them and felt happy. See the difference between the haves and haven't. The next day morning we reached Chennai and I was quite puzzled to see the huge number of passengers who happened to be the friends and colleagues of my co-passengers. We reached our Guest House nearer to the Marina beach and my daughter happily enjoyed the environment and settled down.

    The scenes came to my mind in different layers when the migrant labourers started walking from Chennai too as I glanced at the news clippings from that region. Perhaps the man and the lady too would be there. Yes, not to rescue themselves from the violent Corona but more worried about their son and their parents. When she said they would return home on the eve of Dussehra, she would never ever have thought of the early coming of Dusserah, of course, me too!

    My prayers are with them and hope they reached their home and living happily with their near and dear!
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    Perhaps they all are safe now and staying with their family members. The scenes of migrant labourers walking all the way were really disturbing and mishaps occurred during the period of transition at many places. We all want the situation to change, many feel for them and take some initiative to help them in various ways. At times we become hapless and only watch their activities with a heavy heart. We do not have the option to do anything for them other than praying for their safety. We remain in a fix and depressed. The situation of many people has become pathetic after the pandemic started. They are not sure what is going to happen next and are unable to find ways to come out of the situation. We can only hope that things will be better in the coming days.

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    Welcome back, Jagdish.
    There are many such and more sympathetic stories of hope, separation, disappointment, helplessness etc during the Coved situation. This time each one of us has thoughts and prayers for all known and unknown persons in this world.
    Let there be a sync of lips and hearts in our prayers. We can trust that the bad days are going to end and good days coming again just as a bright Sun re-emerging from eclipse.

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    A well-narrated real-life story. You have quoted one case that touched your heart and prayed for their safe return. But there are lakhs of couples returning to their states, due to corona. Let us pray for all the migrant laborers to reach their homes safely. I think, at this part of time, all would have reached. We should pray for the souls who could not reach their home, but lost their lives on the railway tracks.

    But I wonder with the attitude of your daughter. You need to teach her a lot about humanity, I think.

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    We indeed have many such stories where workers don't have food to eat, money for medicines, etc and are fighting every day to make a living. When we talk about the cases in our country, we feel that they blessed to be in a country where people are friendly and helpful. Have you ever imagined about expatriates of our country living abroad? Very few people know about the residence permit that is used everywhere and without its validity, one cannot do anything, no work, no sim, no food, no medicine or hospital and even have problems in getting exit or to return. The expatriates work hard and send the 3/4th of their salary to their home country but what do they get in return? The government do not want them to return, their family is worried, they don't have work, visa, money, exit, etc and very few can get help as many hesitate to ask help so that their family do not come to know of their suffering. They are the ones who come forward to help the country/state or people when they require them by sending remittance or other help but when they are in need, who is there? As the post has raised the issue, I would even; like everyone to even remember the expatriates of our country working abroad to keep in and their family in your prayers and hope that they reach to their family in good health.
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    During this lockdown period, we have seen many such cases, All the migrant workers took many troubles and reached their places. But in this process, many people suffered a lot. Even after reaching their places also they suffered a lot for their survival. Now many people are thinking of going back to their old bosses so that they will get some work as they couldn't earn in their native places. Really I feel sorry for them.
    When we see such people, I feel I should thank God for what all he has given to me in this life. I am able to have food, shelter and clothes. In this world, many people are there who are not able to have full meals two times a day. So I never regret to travel in a reserved three tire non AC compartment and I feel I am lucky I am able to have at least this comfort and I need not travel in a general unreserved compartment where even we can't a get a seat to sit.

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    The past 90 days were very challenging for everyone and it was a uphill task for the poor and migrants as they are unable to understand the situation whether to stay back at the work place or move to their natives. Some bad advice led to mobbing and going by even foot. The advises from state and central govt to hold their setting out plan to the natives did not heed. They have traveled with great risks braving the weather and the virus and thus reached their destinations. But again they have have been called back and now reverse migration taking place to reach the previous work pace. How long the destiny would play with the workers who have all the ability to create big buildings for others but could not ensure permanent home for them in any state where there are working. At least now migrant transit rooms should be set up in every state to accommodate migrant labors.
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