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    A drive through the gone days

    Thresyamma is in her 80s' living in her familial home alone after her husband's death some 25 years ago. She has 6 six children 5 daughters all married and settled in other states and the youngest of them all is a boy working abroad and visits once in a year for a month or so. She has two best friends of her Marykutty and Thandhamma. They come every day to her house and they chat for an hour or so which is the way they keep themselves updated and energetic.

    Once in their causal chat, Thresyamma started talking about their olden days. Even the other two gave their inputs. She said, during our times in the 1950s' we had to get up early in the morning, go to church, the run to the field to get grass for the cattle, rush home, clean our clothes and then rush to school. After returning in the evening, we had to do the other house chores, complete our homework and then the usual melodrama of our father and then the husband. They would come drunk and them would be hell for others but one thing was there, they never touched their children. Even being high, they would enquire about their food, school and anything that they required. Though children were frightened, He loved them and always wanted them near him. He was very short-tempered, strict but always checked on his children.

    There were times when I cursed those days but now down the lane when I sit on my recliners and drive through those days, I feel, we were blessed to have grown in that era. We had our grandparents, parents, siblings, friends and others around us. We were so protected that we never felt any insecurity being a girl or small, being from another community or religion, we were rich or poor. Everyone cared, shared and lived as a family in peace and harmony. I hope the present children learn to live in the present and cherish each moment as the past will never change nor will it change our future. So, the best and valuable day is today, make the best use of it and enjoy life.

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    A very well written story connecting the Tow word. Yes, many of the old people will always compare their childhood days with present-day children. Change is inevitable and we have to live in the present. Comparing our grandfather's day and try to live in that way may not suit the present conditions. But we should tune ourselves to the present days and we should never deviate from the morals and ethics. That will be a good way to lead life.
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    The methodologies of the activities by grandparents have changed but the order of works remains in the same motto, are viewed through a different perspective.

    Even today we get up early, but instead of work we sit for meditation and perform yoga. Get ready to office, after completing office schedules we are back home to follow up the backlogs to end our day tiring.

    It is true that the past is just a history, cannot change still the youngsters love to listen to the grandparents on their daily routines and their working techniques. Similarly, there are instances where grandchildren teach the grandparents to use the latest gadgets. It is known that grandchildren and grandparents are attracted by each other in most of their activities.

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    In old age remembering the old nostalgic memories is a common thing. Old people cherish their memories especially when sharing with others or younger people. The whole thing is projected like a flashback movie.
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