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    Will online classes sound the death knell for campus libraries and textbooks?

    The pandemic suddenly created a major upheaval in many aspects of our life, one of which is education. Online classes came front and center and hot debates and discussions ensued about their benefits and downsides.

    Perhaps one downside was overlooked - what will happen to campus libraries and textbooks? In school years, we had a reading period when we headed to the spacious reading room adjacent to the library and could choose something to read. We were also allowed to take a book home, that was issued with our library card. During college days, I remember enjoying spending time in the library, looking for the card in the neat library catalogue, heading to the cupboard and finding the book I wanted. Sometimes I would be disappointed if the book I wanted had already been issued out to somebody and would have to wait till it was returned. It was nice to sit at a table and jot down notes or simply browse through a magazine or journal. It was also a joy to attend the weekly fiction-issuing session and be able to find a novel to take home to read. My library ID card was the most used and worn out thing I possessed in those days!

    Then there were textbooks. When a new academic year started at school, wasn't it exciting to get a set of textbooks (and notebooks as well)? There was that lovely smell of a brand new book, then carefully putting the cover of it in brown paper and neatly sticking on a label with our name and Class on it. At college, we had a textbook only for one or two subjects, and I recall having them for French and Psychology, and those, too, were interesting to purchase and check out before the start of the semester.

    As it is I feel today's generation of students are not that keen on heading to a library or bothering too much about textbooks when information is so easily available online. Now, with online classes becoming part and parcel of the academic year currently, it is hoped that the dependency on them does not make the death knell sound louder for campus libraries and textbooks.

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    There are many books which google allows us to read without any charges. Free books can be read by many people but students, I think it may not be possible.

    Students have a lot of activities in their textbooks and project works taking away most of their time. Hardly would they get weekly one period for the library which goes in gossips. Now that also is not possible, as they are spending more time in the digital media for grasping information, they get drained out which may not be visible to the naked eye.

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    As the campuses themselves will not become dead the librarie also will not die. They will have their use and value ever by one or other way. Online wil have its place and campuses will have their place. There is space for both and need for both.

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    yes, madam online classes sound the death knell for campus libraries and textbooks. But the school administration can handle this situation very well. As I am planning to conduct online classes with hard copies of textbooks instead of soft copies. As many publications have provided me with the soft copies of their textbooks.

    You can also give project work to read at least one book and present its summary. As there are marks for project work the students will certainly do this with interest.

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    The shifting of education from physical mode to online mode is going to make drastic changes in the education system and many other subordinate shifts would take place automatically. The physical libraries and text books are to be converted to online facilities either at a central place or college internet site. These transformations are the need of the hour and cannot be ignored or avoided. We are going through a forced transformation process in which many things whether we like it or not are going to change drastically till the new system stabilises and becomes a new way of life.
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    They may not die fully, but affected partially. When most of the study materials are available online, people won't prefer to go to the campus and search for information from the library.
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    Downloading an entire textbook is not a viable option for many, keeping in mind what we discussed in the GD about good Net connectivity as well as bandwidth. The admin. of an institute can consider the option of having a few of the essential textbooks delivered by courier to the students, at least for those who are unable to access them properly online.
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    Physical libraries usage is already reduced a lot and further, it will come down if online education picks up. Probably online libraries concept come. Some websites will maintain the books required for the students and students can read those books by visiting the site. There may be some cost for it. Already many universities started the concept of Digital libraries. All the students will be giving passwords for accessing the books in the library. This library will keep digital copies of books in that digital library. I was a member of the Gulbarga University digital library when I was a guide for PhD students there. I was given an ID and password and I used to open and refer the books there.
    Textbooks can still be used as their reading material. Even though students are not going to colleges they can purchase or collect books from the college and keep with them and lecturers may be using these books to know the syllabus and make their teaching plan.

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    A few days ago I came to know from an acquaintance that the campus libraries are being visited by faculty from time to time so they are not completely lying unused. The teachers require reference books from there for their online classes.
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