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    Complicated work is easy to handle than an intricate person

    Every person comes across different types of work. One can do some work without any problem, but there are a few tasks that are not easy to handle. One has to toil hard to complete the job. It needs proper understanding, the right method, and a perfect skill to finish the task. It may take some time, but with all the right efforts, a person can reach the completion of any work. On the contrary, a person can't make any cumbersome person to accept or understand what he/she is willing to make him/her realise.

    The extremely adamant people, fussy beings, over-smart and overconfident ones are tough to tackle. They cannot be easily convinced. Egoist ones feel an insult to give up. Thus, it becomes tough to develop an understanding relationship with such people. Naturally, nothing works out favourably. In such a condition, neither personal nor working relationship bears a fruit. Everything gets shattered. I feel that with patience and hard work, it is easy to complete a difficult task, but it is next to impossible to manage a non-cooperative person. What do you say?

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    People say among the 4 Ms that are men, machinery, material and money, the difficult part is the handling of men. All the remaining three are not having any brains. They will follow what we will say. But men are having brains so they will think and try to do the way in which they think. As mentioned by the author if that person is an intricate person, it is much more complicated. Some people will not understand the issue properly and even after cautioning them also, they will go the way they like. We require a lot of patience and tactics to convince them.
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    @ Dr Rao

    Yes, you have rightly pointed out that among 4Ms, man is the most difficult one to manage. I differ a bit from you that is it is not brain which is the culprit. The real problem lies in the attitude of a person. When a person respects positivity, then he/she would try to understand another person's viewpoint and come to a valid conclusion. The people who have a complex personality, they always consider themselves perfect. In every respect, they think their approach towards anything is correct, and that brings in whole lot of problem.


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    Manis a machine but with a heart full of emotion and a head full f ego. That is why it makes matters much complicated to handle a human, than handling or repairing a complex machine.

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    Why I said the brain is that the man will start thinking in his own and never care out the things the way we want it. But the other three items will go as per the design so there are no deviations. When we tell a route to a person he will start thinking about how best he can reduce the way he has to go and try to create some shortcuts. There come all the problems. So dealing with a person is a real difficult issue.
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    Man and task can't be compared. Task is clearly defined. It doesn't create any new problem or complexity before the doer. However, if you've guts can handle Man also regardless of his ill nature or crooked tendency

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    Venkiteswaran Sir,

    It's true if a person cannot control emotion and ego, then people stop thinking in the right direction. Either their heart or mind is always oversensitive, and that creates a whole lot of problem. Understanding and adjustment have no place in their lives, naturally handling such people is too problematic.


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    Dr Rao,

    Yes, you are right that because of brain people start thinking immediately, and concludes. I mentioned attitude because it is the aftereffect of the brain. Now, those who constructively use their mind would never show a rigid stance. Accepting others' viewpoint makes some people feel loser and that very attitude is a hurdle in making people adjust to various situations.


    It is a well-known fact that a human being cannot be compared with any work, but we can be sarcastic in our observation, isn't it? A task is non-living, which is easier to manage than a person because of their tendency. Thus, the wrong attitude spoils everything. Guts can be a spoiler too because another person can show guts and there will be a clash. Understanding of the viewpoint is the most important criterion to keep things under control,


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    Handling the employees (men or women alike) is always a challenging and cumbersome task and many mangers fail there only. The psychology of a worker is very complicated and if he is adamant and cunning no manager can correct him except punishing him or removing him from the job. In some states in North India the youths are well known for their notoriousness and a few years back in a big hospital some young people were recruited on contract basis to help the doctors in small things other than nursing as the workload was much there. So, each boy was asked to cater to a cluster of doctors and doctors used to press bell to call him for petty jobs. I happened to visit there once for my routine medicines and found that one boy was shouting loudly and creating indiscipline. When asked what was the problem he told that those doctors press the bell whenever they wanted and did not give him a breathing time. He also charged that they were doing it intentionally to irritate him. I was really shocked to see the behaviour of that young boy. After a lot of difficulties he got a petty job and he was not able to hold to it. Later I came to know that doctors asked management to remove those boys and told that they would work without them. Today the administration has removed all those boys. So handling employees is not so easy.
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