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    God of food struggling with everyday needs everyday.

    Peasants and farmers are the 'God of food' for all of us. They work throughout the year like an ox of an animal in the fields without taking a nap which all of us usually take. They plough the fields, even if they don't have tractors or bulls to plough they themselves do it with extreme toil and hardwork under the scorching heat of summer, when we couldn't even stand for five minutes in that heat.
    They sow the seeds with great comfort and enjoyment even if they don't have proper machineries for that, they do it by hand. The complete farmer family water the seeds regularly, morning and evening. And when the harvest is ready they all cut it.
    Keeping not even a quarter for themselves they sell it out in the markets where the bulk retailers purchase from them in lower prices and thereafter sell them to local residents in higher prices.
    What the farmer actually gets is sometimes not even able to fulfill their essential needs and everyday demands. They still suffer and struggle with their everyday needs. Getting nothing in return again they are back with the process of ploughing, sowing and harvesting.
    The 'God of food' has to sleep sometimes empty stomach. Government has made many policies for them but are they sufficient? Are the policies really reaching to the peasants? Who is getting benefitted by them if the farmers are still struggling with their fates?

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    To make farmers happy and to lead a beautiful life-like others, it is essential to remove the evil middlemen who eat away everything that is produced by the farmers 'God of Food'. We should study the farmers expense and fix up the rates for the commodities.

    If a farmer spends Rs. 100/- He should get Rs. 200/-. The government should buy it for 200 and sell it to the public for Rs. 210 by taking a small profit of 5 percent only.

    Who will do it? Everyone wants a huge profit by curtailing the farmers' benefit.

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    You have mentioned to fix the prices of the commodities. Can you suggest a few ways how this could be done?

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    The importance of farmers is very high. Soldiers are guarding the country and farmers are providing food for the nation. They are toiling day in and day out for this. That is why our Ex-Prime Minister Sri Shatsry coined the slogan, Jai Jawan and Jai Kisaan. If these two are happy the nation will be happy.
    Farmers have no guarantee of getting whatever money they have thrown on to the ground. Any small adverse condition will spoil the crop and they will lose their money. There is no surety for their earnings. Their efforts are making others rich. They are middlemen. As the farmers are not having capacity to store their goods, they are forced to sell them to the middlemen. So if the government can create good storage facilities to the farmers and allowing them to decide the rates of their crops they will get benefitted and middlemen can be avoided. I think this is the need of the hour.

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    We all duty bound to bow to the farmers because they are annadata and feeding the country. But sometimes the crops would be more yielding and they would not get the right MSP. Sometimes the loss would be more due to vagaries of nature. But this year the farmers produced good crops and that made the PM Modi to announce free ration for the poor for give months along with channa dal. While addressing the nation two days back PM Modi thanked to sets of people from his heart one is the farmer and another one is he sincere tax payer and because of this two the country is more than self reliant on food and collection of GST to near total.
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    Dr. Srinivasa,
    Sir, you have mentioned about the good storage facilities for farmers. Do you think the money sent for these schemes will reach the farmers? In case proper godowns are made for farmers, won't there be people who will be charging money for giving space to keep the harvests?

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    K. Mohan sir,
    As pointed by you the sweet gesture of our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi bidding a thanks to our 'God of food' and the sincere tax payer; do you think a mere sweet gesture or a providing food for free for a few months or even a year is what the farmers really deserve? Is it their true worth?
    Kindly answer keeping in mind they are providing us our life: the food to eat.

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    Farmers were earlier called as Tillers and are real toilers. From the very start Independent India started giving importance to its farmers. We have come a long way and achieved almost self sufficiency in food production. There are a lot of schemes to lessen the burden of farmers and reduce his financial risks also. However it is unfortunate that still some sad things happen.
    Though more has to be done; now the farmers are far better than some decades ago. Our nation is always giving care and priority to our farmers. Our slogan Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Hindustan is an example for that.
    There is also a tradition of saying "Annadaata sukhi bhava' before eating one's meal. That is our remembering and respecting the farmer who provides us food, and praying for his welfare.

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    Farmers are the backbone of our food chain which is so crucial for the survival of the human race. In many countries the Govt there has achieved the welfare of the farmers by giving them a good price for there crops as there are no middlemen involved. Something like we have FCI (Food Corporation of India) in our country. Unfortunately in our country due to presence of powerful and influential middlemen and rampant corruption in the concerned Govt departments we are not able to achieve that good stage in our country. We had a Chinese neighbour in our society who came here to establish some business in India and hired a house for 2-3 years. He used to come for morning walk with us. We discussed this point with him and he told that in China the farmers were relatively a comfortable lot in spite of having a bigger population than India and the reason was of course the different type of governance there. He mentioned and gave an example that in absence of middlemen and absence of hoarding practices a farmer was getting there Rs 8 to 10 for a commodity which was selling in the market for Rs 12-15. It was an impressive thing to hear that.
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    I Appreciate the author for raising this issue. Most pathetic aspect of their plight is that they toil hard day and night but when their harvest is prepared for sale they're deprived of their fundamental right that the rate of their harvest is decided by the government department. They've no right on it. Reality is that only farmers know what the exact cost is estimated in producing their product, however, what should be the exact price of their product for consumers can be decided by FCI

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    Farmers are the backbone of our economy. They are working like hardcore without taking enough time to relax and they are not getting the proper amount for their crop. It is said that the government hasn't taken any steps for protecting the farmer. We are importing much more from our countries and this kind of 100 per cent FDI investment will damage our hardcore farmers. Big companies like Reliance Digital can keep the supplied product for a month or two, but our farmers are not having sufficient cold storage cabins for storing such crops and vegetables. The government must spend some loan waiver for our farmers so that they can start their business with good profit. All the time farmers are taking all kind of burden and for most of them, they tend to lose their crops either due to wild animals or without having enough money to maintain the crop.
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    It is unfortunate that in our system we are not able to respect and facilitate the farmer community as they actually had deserved. There are so many factors like middlemen and bad governance in our country but until this area is strengthened we would not progress in real sense.
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    Being an agricultural country, its really sometimes unfortunate that we forget the fact that more than 80% of the total income of the country is due to agriculture which is only possible because of our farmers. The rest 20% income which we are earning from other sources like travel and tourism, production markets have covered the front views of our eyes hence we focus upon them and forget the main person - Our farmers. This is indeed not a good thing to be done.
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