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    Men and women from the Indian armed forces – our unsung heroes

    Of all people, who have been burdened the most in these trying times, our country is facing, is our men and women from the armed forces. They are in fact fighting on two fronts. Things are already bad for everyone due to the virus. Additionally, the misadventures by one of our neighbouring countries, which went on an overdrive claiming Indian land as its own, cost our armed forces heavily. Notwithstanding the losses, our brave men gave a befitting reply to the enemy. At a time, when most of us are placed comfortably and secured within the four walls of our home, the brave men and women from the armed forces are manning the borders steadfastly. At such heights, where oxygen supply is less, weather is rough and survival is tough, these men and women are weathering every discomfort and keeping a watchful eye on the enemy, lest it tries for another misadventure. It goes without saying, though unsung, they are our real heroes.

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    The men and women in our armed forces are the real heroes. While people praise and worship the reel life film heroes, it is a pity to note that the public of our country doesn't respect and honour these real-life heroes who work 24x7 to safeguard our nation in heights with might during chilly weather with temperature below zero. Whether it is war or peace, our government and people should honour and respect the Officers, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of our forces and help their families who live without the warriors who are busy safeguarding our borders.
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    True. They are the real heroes. Recently China is trying to irritate us and our armed persons are giving them fitting answers. Many people are not going out of their houses and spending time with a fear of Virus. But these persons are spending their time near the boarders leaving their family back and forgetting their lives also. We should always show our gratitude to them. They are sleeping there at the border and making us have a peaceful sleep in our AC rooms. What more we can expect from them and how can we show our gratitude to those people. True they are the real heroes who never expect any appreciations from anybody and serve the nation.
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    Armed forces normally work magnificently but today because of the pandemic situation they have to be extra careful in their duty to protect the borders from the enemy aggression as during war one to one contact is sometimes inevitable.
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