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    Unity is the need of the hour

    Our political parties have separated between behavioral issues and position issues that are divisive and could have distinct preferences.
    In the US, political parties were ready to sink their disputes in the aftereffect of the 2008 financial crisis. President Barack Obama maintained the banking and auto industry rescue begun by the previous administration. Still, his generous American Taxpayer Relief Act also extended the George W Bush government's tax cuts. It was passed by a vast majority in the Senate, with Democrat and Republican backing. In the Indian context, communal peace and economic growth (GDP) are valence issues.
    At times like today, political parties in India should drop their discords and work together. First, to improve our broken social fabric, and then to change the sharp fall in growth.
    Growth is a remedy to many ailments, but unity and communal harmony are a necessity. They will not accompany growth. Sadly, because we are still a growing democracy, our political parties remain opportunistically to the core. It was as valid for BJP when in opposition as Congress now. The outcome is that even valence concerns have been seen as the government's responsibility only in power. It must change.
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    A good opposition is that which plays a constructive role in the country. Unfortunately in our democratic system such oppositions do not exist. They only try to pull the Govt in power and distract the attention of the public to the issues which are not to be taken up as eventually they turn out to be useless issues wasting the time and energy of all those involved. There is no doubt that unity is the strength and our dream is always to have a unified mind set of Indian people to help in the progress and development of the country. If we have good leaders then it would not be a difficult proposition to achieve unity.
    Knowledge is power.

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    As we see on social media everyone is trying to distract attention of the public from the positive things happening in the country, only negative news are being shared.

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    Only people who are interested in the progress of the country will keep their difference apart at critical times and get united. But unfortunately, in our country politicians more interested in power than the country or State. I appreciate the author for bringing out a correct point. Always opposition party feels that criticising the ruling party is the only way to face the ruling party. This trend has to change. They should get united when the question of national development comes into the picture.
    Another unfortunate issue is that they will divide the people also and raise the tempers among the people. They will bring in one or the other reason to get divided. This attitude has to be changed and they should give more importance to the national cause than their individual development.
    If we can see that atmosphere in the country I will definitely blessed. Whether that day will come in our lifetime or not is a big question?

    always confident

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