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    Lockdown Vs Ecological Restoration

    Although the lockdown period came as a curse for many people as they lost their jobs, business and new employment opportunities etc. But it also brought some motivational instances with it which cannot be ignored like restoration of nature in many ways.

    A river that was almost dried due to dumping of waste, open defecation and complete ignorance was restored during COVID-19 lockdown. Earlier, the water of this river was used for irrigation purpose. This lockdown period was used intelligently by DM of Baranbanki as an opportunity and planned to restore this dried river named "Kalyani River" in its natural form with the help of migrant labourers who have returned home due to loss of their jobs and also not able to move on work due to lockdown. He did not only restore this dried river but also employed under MNREGA scheme around these 800 people. This all happened in village-Mavayya, Block-Fatehpur in District-Barabanki Uttar Pradesh.

    Animal breeding reported higher side due to less or no human interference in beaches, forests and rivers. A huge population of turtles are returning to their breeding grounds. Crocodiles and Gharials population have also increased in India due to less disturbance. Forest diversity has also been increased during this period. Clean water and an increasing population of aquatic animals in rivers during this period have also proved nature's self-rejuvenating power.

    We can take inspiration and positive vibes from our nature, which rejuvenate itself whenever gets a chance.

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    Lockdown was a blessing in disguise for nature to resume its originality. No pollution, unpolluted water, clean and fresh air. The animals and birds were happy to move freely without any fear of human disturbance. Unexpected things happened that will be remembered forever. It would be ideal to maintain the same without a lockdown. Will we?
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    As every coin has two sides, this lockdown also has some good results. From many studies it was brought out that as vehicular traffic was and industrial emissions were almost nil during stage I lockdown the air quality improved everywhere including the worst affected places. The particulate matter in air was within or much below the permitted levels. Birds and animals were roaming free and happy without fear of vehicles knocking them down. Waste accumulation was less. Environment became cleaner and healthy. People visiting hospitals for anything and everything became much reduced and people took care of themselves and tolerated small discomforts without taking medicines. Fast food eating stopped and home cooked food became main source.
    Children whose parents worked became very much happy as they got their parents at home 24 x7.
    There are many other good pints during lockdown. But lockdown is not a permanent solution. It has to be lifted fully very soon.

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    It can be done without a full lockdown also. There must be a periodic shut down of every national park, wildlife sanctuary, rivers ghats, tourist places, beaches etc. Cleaning, desilting of rivers can be done. At least one day lock down in a month will be very helpful. However, it is not in our hand (only government can take these initiatives) but we can do what is in our hand that like not to dump waste here and there, less use of personal cars, tree plantation etc.

    This lockdown has also give a lesson to us that we can live without many non-essential things. So our life may be simpler if we follow this in our life forever.

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    Lockdown has provided us some of the benifits which were otherwise not visible. Cleaner environment was the biggest asset during such a period. There was less density of the traffic on the road providing emission free air. Due to less production in the industries, the chimneys did not emit poisonous gases and this led to attainment of pollution free air.
    We remained confined to our homes mostly and hence our hotel bills dropped to nil.
    There was less number of patients in the hospitals other than the corona patients. People suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure were managing their disorders living in their home. Even the birds and animals could notice the cleaner environment and they were seen roaming freely in the city streets.
    Working at home system provided great relief to the employees working in IT domain and so was the case of their children enjoying the association of their parents.
    However, the lockdown has resulted in massive detorioration of our economy and in order to restore its health, we need to unlock it.

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    True. Lockdown has made the atmosphere better. Many reasons for that. No industries were running. No pollution from that angle. No vehicles moment and no carbon gas emissions. No cutting trees. No smoking on the roads. No construction activity. All these issues put together the environment has become much better. Human beings should learn a lesson from this. Don't think that nature is helpless. When the system goes out of control, it will have its own ways to get alright. It will never be a silent watcher. It will show its supremacy in one way or other. Tsunami, cyclones, earthquakes are able to destroy only a certain area but not the whole of the world. But Carona has taught a lesson to the whole world. What we understood during this period should not be forgotten and we should take lessons from those happenings and we change accordingly so that we will have peace of mind. Otherwise, we will be facing such problems now and then and we may accept that all these are happening mainly due to the ill doings of human beings.
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    Every negative thing has a brighter edge also and when people perceive it, they sometimes use it to the benefits accrued out of it. As other member pointed out it is really a blessing in disguise situation. Anyway, it is good that people have observed such glorious side effects of bad things in our lives.
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