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    Is that Good teachers create good students or good students create good teachers

    At the first straight view, there is no confusion. Good teachers can make even worse students to be top grade students. It was so in our times. I studied in a government school. There were students from all the sections of the society. But the teachers were very good, mature, experienced and knew how to teach and make each student understand. At times they used to take special classes for those who needed some extra support. Many of the students from these kinds of schools occupied top positions in their own chosen fields after completing school. We used to witness many parents emotionally thanking teachers for helping their children learn well and come up in life. Similarly many old students visited their alma mater later to personally thank the teachers in helping them become good students and come up n life. Yesterday the SSLC results were published in Kerala. The list of government schools where there was cent per cent pas was a long one. A proof that good teachers made good students.
    But just take the case of institutions like IITs IIMs or some top rated schools across the country. These institutions admit only top ranking students only. The teachers thus have a compulsion to be of top level and be updated always as the students may know better sometimes. So the teachers have to have the cutting edge. So in these places it is the students who create good teachers.
    Just a a good potter needs good clayto make good pots, a good cook needs quality ingredients a for a teacher to become good good students also needed.

    Which one is the correct as per your view?

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    I would like to comment with some movies that have showcased the role of teachers and students that helps us to understand the role of each in making good teachers or good students or as you mentioned that Is that Good teacher create good students or good students create good teachers.

    1. Raatchasi (2019) a Tamil-language film starring Jyothika in the lead role and directed by Syed Gowthamraj shows how dedicated headmistress converts a poorly run school into one of the best in the state using every lesson she learned in life from her parents, teachers and through her profession.
    2. Manikyakkallu (2011) is a Malayalam film starring Prithviraj and Samvrutha Sunil in the lead roles and directed by M. Mohanan. The story reveals the truth of how governments schools functions and are ignored by government for their poor results. It also highlights that if you have a passion for teaching and changing things, you can definitely make a change in student attitude and life.
    3. Hichki (2018) is a Hindi language film starring Rani Mukerji in the lead role and directed by Sidharth P. Malhotra. The film is an Indian adaptation of Brad Cohen's 2005 autobiography - Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had. The film makes us realise how love, dedication and passion can change your weakness to strength and change the mindset of children and even teachers.

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    Yes. A good and dedicated teacher will be capable of making all his students good. They may become good in their concerned field. They may become good citizens of the country if the teacher is good and teaches them the ethics and values and their importance. I have seen many such teachers who lived a very simple life and struggled a lot to see that all the students will be good citizens.
    I know a teacher who used to spend half of his time after school hours to teach the students who are week in some subjects. he used to come to school early morning and leave school late. He never collected any fees for these extra classes. he used to teach all the subjects to the high school students those days. It is good to have such teachers so that the students will get benefitted.
    A good teacher can create good students. But the students should also respond to him in the way he expected from the students.

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    It is already said that good teachers are creators of a good nation. This powerful statement already depicts the important role of a good teacher in a student's life. Education, experienced and dedicated teachers can create good students as such teachers are capable of creating impressions on the student's brain. Many times, students listen to their teachers wholeheartedly whereas they do not follow what their parents say.

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    Author has made some important observations in his post and in general it is true that a good teacher is an asset for the school as well as for the students. At the same time sometimes the good quality of students also forces a teacher to come up to their expectations. It can make a great difference in the life of a student whether he was taught by an extra ordinary teacher or some mediocre one. During my graduation, we had teachers for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths but the most impressive teacher for us that time was the Physics teacher who took personal interest in the progress of each of the student. He was so dedicated that he forced and persuaded each student to make some science model for an exhibition and many student resisted but he saw to it that everyone had to contribute. So, many models were made, some of them working also and after participating in it the student understood the value of that learning and realised as how much pains that teacher was taking for our development It is rare to have such teachers today.
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    I agree to disagree with you. It is like God created the creatures or the creatures created God. Teachers are paid to teach the students. To manage and make good students in a class, the teacher has to be extremely good. Good students are made by the teacher. And a good teacher is selected and brought to teach. Students will follow the teacher, not the teacher follow the student. Teacher is a boss and the student is a subordinate.

    Teachers do not learn from students to become good or bad. All the movies quoted by Varghese talks about teacher making good students only. Not about students making a good teacher.

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    Nicely explained by Varghese using movies as examples to explain. So no one is agreeig that good teachers can be created by good students. Is it a fault offixation or default thinking?

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    I think both are true: while good teachers are always known to make good students, it is also true at the same time that good students make good teachers. This is because we humans are mostly lazy in nature; if there is no good student in the classroom then it is a natural tendency to walk into the class being underprepared. You can talk gibberish and do that smartly and nobody is going to catch your trick if there is no good student in your class. On the other hand, if your class is full of good and meritorious students who demand the very best of your lectures, and are always ready to ask questions and challenge your views, then you always need to be on your toes. You cannot take your class preperation lightly any longer, as walking underprepared into a class of meritorious students would just be catastrophic.
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    If good students are there in a class, the teacher will be very attentive and try to give maximum to his/her students. Similarly, the students also try to extract more knowledge from their teacher. So there is a positive flow that occurs between a teacher and students and vice versa. If the students in a class are very dull this type of positive flow cannot be expected. The teacher may become lazy and he/she never tries to bring out their best. If the teacher is not good, the students may lose their interest in the subject.

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    It is generally one way only. That is good teachers make good students. But then it is not always true. There have been many instances where even though the teacher is good, he or she couldn't make much difference to the performance of the students. Similarly, there have been instances where under a not so good teacher also, some students have prospered. It, in fact, depends a lot upon the students. Moreover, we cannot discount the role of the parents. Parents too play an important role in motivating their children. If the ambience at home is conducive for studies and parents take an interest in their child, the performance automatically improves a lot. These days when schools are teaching online, the role of the parent is all the more important.

    Regarding the other part about good students creating good teachers, there isn't substantial evidence to prove this theory. Most teachers don't get affected, irrespective of the fact that the student is good or poor in studies.

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    There are no good and bad students, all are students only. It is the environment and situations makes them appear good but it may not be in the real sense.
    Both students and teachers are learners at some point in time. Teachers teach the content and the applicability always depends on understanding the concept by students which varies individually and finally arrive at various levels.

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    #704112, "Both students and teachers are learners at some point in time. " That is a valid observation. Updating is a process of learning. It is a kind of learning,unlearning and relearning.

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