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    When the ISC Forum got excited…..

    IndiaStudyChannel completed its journey of 12 years in this web world and celebrated its 13th birthday on 1st July i.e., yesterday. I was more excited. The reason was more simple and the announcement of this - A thread a day contest where the participant has to post a thread of his choice daily for 15 days from 1st to 15th by accepting the challenge. For me, it is like a sporting event mood for an organizer who is tensed about the arrangement, the number of invitees and participants, and how things would go.

    True, I am the most Favourite and vibrant section of the ISC where members would actively participate in the discussions, raise their queries, get their problems resolved and express their resentments and dissents about the happenings around and in ISC as well. Yes, I am a genuine platform for them to be their voice. There would be heated arguments, a sarcastic and jovial atmosphere too resembling the proceedings in a parliament and at the end of the day things would be normal and all are friends. I am proud to say that I would be the symbol of India's social fabric – 'Unity in diversity' as all the members from different regions of this country would peep in and participate or just glance what is happening in the Forum. Everyone was worried about my fate when the WM stated that ISC is going to be converted into a complete dedicated Educational portal and wanted to continue my existence even after that too, of course, that is the power and my strength, at the outset everyone's love and affection towards me!

    Coming back to the exciting story of mine. I was eagerly looking to the respondents in announcement thread where there were 20 challengers posting 20 different shades of threads on the first day. Happy that the game kick-started well with 20 participants including four Editors. This game is on for another 14 days and a little disappointed about some regular contestants missing in participation. So, you can have 20 good threads every day for another two weeks and don't think I am cherishing my past glory.

    Because I am always 'glorious' and the 'vibrant' ISC Forum!
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    ISC has the capability of surging ahead provided the members use their creative ideas and take out time to participate here. By accepting thread a day challenge on the occasion of 13th anniversary of this site I feel elated to see more than 20 new threads raised yesterday being the first day of challenge. That means 300 new threads are going to greet us and expect us to respond and reply. That would be wonderful occasion for this forum which used to go dry without any thread. For me raising a thread is always a cherished experience but I am closely watching the other members who took the challenge and started the first day with great interest. The highlight of this challenge competition is that members should not raise the used topic and every day new thread should be attempted and thus pose greater challenge.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is like 20 athletes running on a congested 10 lanes to win the race. It is going to be a tough competition for all the 20 participants. Further, it would be a difficult job for the organizers to judge and select the first, second and third. Almost all would complete their 15 threads, but who leads and wins by an inch is can not be determined. What is going to be the yardstick to measure and declare?
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    In the beginning I thought it to be a lazy contest but soon there are about more than 150 or so threads there in the fray and it is a very difficult and time taking task to select the good ones or of my choice and respond to them. This itself has now become a challenge inside the challenge. Anyway we all are going ahead with the same zeal and vigour and hope to reach the end line soon.
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    When the contest started, I missed the first three days and later contributing consistently in the forum thread. There is more number of threads raised daily and it will be difficult to give feedback for every thread. I am putting my effort to respond to everyone's thread. I glad that all the members are consistently contributing to the site.
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    I perceived this contest as any other contest where the participants leisurely submitted their entries and then results were announced and the contest was over. But this particular challenge is not only unique but is more challenging then it was envisaged earlier. The challenge is not to write a thread daily for 15 days. Many of us are well versed in that and can do that without any preparation. The problem is that daily some new threads about 20-25 are posted and there is a great accumulation of these threads and earlier people were not going to even the second page of the forum section but now we are going to page 5 or even page 6 as some good threads are there which will come on the first page if we respond to them. Anyway let us keep the tempo intact and conclude to contest to its logical end.
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    Very nice. Forum section is like the heart of the site. Like heart, it is also always active without any stoppage. We see members posting here even at midnight 0000. Even we see members posting as early as 530 AM. I think this is the only section like this. Now by announcing this the ISC think tank also gave some new blood to this section by announcing this contest. I think this tempo will be maintained for some time even after the contest is also over. Even in other regular contests also we are not getting this much response.
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