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    Practice to stay alone and stay strong

    Over the past three months we have experienced to live alone and away from others and that confidence is still continuing and it should make us to be self reliant on own and not to depend on others for help. By staying alone and by staying strong with much will power we can achieve much which were postponed earlier because there is no disturbance from anyone and no wasteful advice from others which used to divert our attention when we are attempting good task. So be on your own and make greater strides with new thinking and work accordingly.

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    A thread a day challenge 2nd July 2020
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    I agree with the author that we can make our own decisions. We can accomplish anything based on our strong decisions. Yet, we hesitate and run to others for seeking advice. Every one of us knows what is right and what is wrong. Yet, we lack confidence along with decision making power. Thus, we want others to decide for us. It is because we do not want to own up if something goes wrong. This lockdown period has taught every one of us a lot of things. Staying strong is one of them. We must take our own decisions and implement them into action.

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    A good thought from the writer about staying alone and staying strong is what this lockdown has taught many. There were times when we trembled on the thought that we would fall if we had no support while moving forward in life. This lockdown of more than 3 months have taught us that staying alone won't do any harm, eating at home is the best and safe. Living alone for family and self is what matters as others are just a helping hand or parallel support but our pillar is always our family who will always be in every stage of our life. Be it in sadness, be it when we are down when we have nothing, when we are struggling, when we are crushed when we see no ray of hope when everything feels like tumbling down, our family will be our strong supported that will help us cope up and fight again as a soldier and get back on track. As we have lived our life in lockdown, let us continue to practice staying alone and stay strong even after the lockdown period is over.
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    I partially agree with the author but when we are alone and strong, there is a possibility that we miss the good advice and suggestions from others. Nobody can stay alone for a longer duration and the society is surviving in an interdependency mode. So, it is good to become stronger and to become able in surviving alone when the situation demands this but it is also good to have a good friend circle and well-wishers to share our good and bad with them.

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    There is a saying in Telugu which means even it is gold plate it should have the support of a wall to stand. It can't stand on its own. So sometimes we may require the help of another person to complete our task.
    As mentioned by the author we should always try to be self-reliant to the maximum possible extent. We should not depend on somebody for even small works also. When we are in the house if we want to drink water, we will call somebody ask them to give us a glass of water but it is better if we get up, take a glass and fill it with water from the Pot and drink. This will be better. But for the food, we should depend on the housewife only. Each member can't cook his food separately.
    similarly for other things also we should strongly try on our own but we should not hesitate to take the help if necessary from our friends and well-wishers.

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    Human beings are by nature gregarious and it is not easy to remain in confinement. Only some saints and scholars can achieve that state of hibernation. Due to the present pandemic situation many mortals like me are forced to be confined in their houses and asked to remain aloof as much possible. So, we are doing it due to the situation and not due to the choice. It is also a fact that when a person does something due to compulsion and not as per his interest and liking he does not relish it. So, based on this human psychology stay alone and stay strong might work only in the life of some disciplined and strong people and not applied to all of us.
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    We cannot continue to live alone in this world. We need someone to be with us. "Thanimaiyile Inimai Kaana Mudiyumaa......Nalliravinile Sooriyanai theriyumaa...." is a Tamil song. (We cannot enjoy living alone, and we cannot see the sun during the night) Without relatives and friends, we will be living a life in the darkness. Have them, but restrict the movements. Make use of the gadgets to see and talk to your friends through video and audio.

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    We can stay alone. But we cannot stay lonely. When we stay alone means that we are away from our close relatives. But even at that place we can have friends. At work place we have colleagues. While travelling we have co-passengers. Then we interact while shopping etc. So we are not alone. We should ensure that we are not lonely at heart also. For that we should cultivate human relationships. Now there are many facilities to stay connected.
    Even we can have friends in virtual space. Now at this time I am interacting with so many members of ISC. These kinds of engagements will never make us feel lonely even if we are staying alone in a room.
    Even if you don't want to county any one at least God is with us .So we are not alone any time.

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