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    As a citizen what should be our contributions towards the progress of our country?

    We all work for our own welfare and progress in life. Every individual has to do it for making a livelihood and become successful in the struggle of life. It is also true that some can exert more and can put more efforts than others but the main undercurrent is to make progress. Sometimes family members work together for a common goal say getting a new house. If there are 2 earning members in the family they would join hands to achieve that target. Same thing applies to a bigger group or organisation where the concept of common objectives becomes of much relevance. Going further up in the ladder the highest entity which is there and whom we belong to as a small but important member is our country. What are or what should be our contributions and thinking patterns to make our country progress and become an outstanding figure in the world? Can you suggest some measures that we have to take or resort to as a citizen of this country? Please share your thoughts.

    Posted on 02.07.2020, this is my 2nd thread against the thread a day contest.
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    As citizen we have certain responsibilities to be followed. First of all follow the rules of state and central govts which imposes new guidelines and regulations for any new program or schemes. Rules are laid and created to be followed by all and there is no exceptions. And as a responsible citizen we have to pay the taxes due to the state or central and that would be the biggest help to the country. And being the responsible citizen we have to exercise our voting rights when ever elections takes place. This is the constitutional right given to every citizen and that should be used wisely. Then we have the responsibility to protect the public properties, installations and other govt buildings which are made with our tax money and we must report or complaint against those who create a problem and damage the public properties to imply their say.
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    As mentioned that we work towards making a livelihood and become successful and work for our own welfare and progress in life but it's not true. It is like we are a family and how we work together for a common goal by joining hands to achieve that target. The same applies when we are working in an organisation/company/institute or workplace. We not only work to make a living but for the progress of both company and oneself. We always try to give our best for we know that when a company makes profit or progress, it is also progress or achievement of every individual working in that company.

    Now, when we talk about our contributions to the progress of our country, we all citizens are knowingly or unknowingly working for the betterment or development of our country. Our education, our talent, our passion, our commitment, our ethics, our vision, etc everything is related to the progress of our country. When we excel in our work, it indirectly progresses our country. Our every little bit that we do by paying taxes on time, paying GST, keeping the area clean, following the law, respecting our elders, leaders, the government is also helping in our countries progress. The invention, ideas, projects etc, helps to move forward. Every work that an individual do be it from cleaning, cooking, selling, marketing, telecommunication, nursing, accounting, teaching, etc every work helps in contributing towards the development and progress of our country. It is not that only government, army or actors are only working for a country but every citizen of a country are directly or indirectly working or contributing to the progress of his/her country. Don't you think that we are contributing towards our countries progress?

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    Be Generous - Don't be selfish - Don't be a miser - Help the poor - Adopt a poor child and help him to come up - Pay your taxes and don't evade taxes - Be good to others - Be in a good company - Respect your parents and care them at their old age -Work hard - Progress well - Save for your future -Live happily and peacefully - Be a good citizen of your country.
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    True. Every citizen should contribute to the progress of the country. Every person can contribute to the development of the country by following all rules and regulations and paying taxes without avoiding.
    As an income tax payee, I am paying income tax to my full income without hiding even a single rupee of income. I always insist on bills for all my purchases so that the GST will be paid to the government by the vendor. These are the contributions I am doing financially in the country.
    Whenever I go outside I will follow all the traffic rules. This shows the respect I have for the administration and the welfare of the Society. I think this is my big contribution to the country. Whenever some calamity or problem comes to the nation I donate to relief funds so that the victims will be taken care of by the government. I think this is also my contribution to the welfare of the nation.

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    If we do our duty well, if we are productive and not destructive, if we are law-abiding, non-criminal, not adding to social costs by taking up wrong habits or substance abuse, in this Covid time really complying with the guidelines and precautions, not polluting our surroundings, make some savings out of our earnings - in short if we are good citizen as we are expected to be then that is the minimum we can do for our country.
    Of course we should feel proud of our country, not to talk bad about our nation, to keep faith on our nation and its democratic system of governance and behave as responsible, patriotic citizen then that is enough.
    Just as 'take care of the pennies, the Pounds will take care of themselves' if we take due care of ourselves in word and deed, the nation will take progress itself. From micro contribution to economic progress from every citizen, the nation will have its Macro growth and strength.

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    Citizen alone cannot do anything. There are two things required for the progress and development of a nation. First is the good governance. When we say good governance then adopting honesty and lack of corruption is included there. Second is the cooperation of the citizens in the efforts of the Govt. Even if one of above is missing we would be where we are today.
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    Be alert about happenings around you, be a part in constructive efforts, be not among destructive elements, abide by the law of the land, be active in rightful earning, positive learning and spreading peace, harmony and brotherhood, be never among hatred mongering. Every action of ours whether positive or negative, howsoever, directly or indirectly, eventually, affects the progress of our nation.

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    Here in our country, we are having some set of guidelines and rules to perform some business any kind of activity. Some people work hard for earning for their family and some of them do it for cheating people and earning more money from it. Recently Gold smuggling is now getting into the headline news and how the government officials are involved in such scam. The top officials of the position have intervened in the gold smuggling and I hope the police will find out the truth and will punish culprits behind it. Our main objective needs to help our family and work out on the same objective to achieve the desired outcome. In some family, only the women will be working and the husband needs to take care of the family. In such situations, there will be problems where the male-female ego arises and it leads to more problems in life. It is better to have a good understanding between husband and wife and must draw a plan for the next year and then only we can have success in our life.
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