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    What are the ways to nurture morality in young children?

    When we compare the morality of present generation with older generation it is highly in demoting situation. To boost morality in the society it's repair has to be started from young children. For this our government has introduced moral classes once or twice a week. But it has not given any positive results in this issue. Children taking the classes lightly and they are learning the lessons for exam sake. Seeing the surrounding environment and the morals what they are learning has no comparison. So they are not able to digest and implement the morals in life situation. Then what are the possible ways to teach these young children to learn and practice in the life? What are the practical ways to teach morals to young children?

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    Children learn things in their lives from two sources. First is parents and family and other is society, friends, school and workplace. When I was in my 7th class we had a close group of friends and sometimes we had vacant periods and we used to assemble in school corners, nearby fields where no teacher could spot us, and had fun and a lot of enjoyments. One of the boys was from a rich and affluent family and he was something like a leader of the group as he used to pay also for our canteen indulgences. At that tender age I did not know that after 56 years I would be one day writing on this aspect in a portal called ISC. Anyway, the incident which I want to share is that one day that boy brought a small mysterious packet in his hand and during the gap asked us accompany him to the nearby hidden area behind the thick trees. We all were so curious and excited as what is that thing in that packet for which we have to be so careful and alert. When he opened it we were all much impressed as it was a filter cigarette having name of 'Cool' and first time we saw a cigarette with a filter on its lip side. He lighted it and took a puff and gave to all of us. Some of us who never smoked coughed also. He told us to chew some tree leaves and spit that out so that tobacco smell does not attract others. After that he kept that precious thing back in his pocket and we came back to attend class as nothing happened. That was the day we learned smoking and some of us are still continuing it. So children learn from various sources and we have to monitor and keep a watch on all their activities. It is not an easy task.
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    Teaching moral lessons should be done in a practical way when children are taken on field trips and excursions. I think common places where kids are taken are to the local supermarket, to the post office, and so on. They can learn the values of honesty and respect there through some scenarios. They can see how staff address customers and learn that customers too should respectfully address the staff. They can learn that lifting a chocolate bar and putting in the pocket is not an honest thing to do, that it should be put in a shopping basket or held in the hand and taken to the cash counter to be paid for. What is actually experienced is a better way to imbibe the moral lessons than merely learning from the textbook or what is expressed by the teacher in the classroom. On the school campus itself, too, they can learn how to respect another's food habit of not eating non-vegetarian snacks, about not hurting somebody emotionally, teamwork, and so on. At home, too, parents should convey moral lessons through their own habits and practices as children pick up lessons from what they observe.
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