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    Regularly visit the school of your children to take progress report

    Generally, parents take the progress of the students by observing their mark sheets of quarterly, half-yearly and yearly report card. But it is necessary to be in contact with the teachers of your children and take the report on a regular basis. By observing report cards or mark sheets, you would be able to see only the academic report of the children. You will not find other skills and development. A teachers regularly observe your children and he can provide you with the proper report of your children.

    So, please be in contact with the teachers and take a report on a regular basis. It will certainly help in the whole development of the students which is the main objective of education policy.

    Do you visit the school of your children on a regular basis? please share your opinion in this thread.

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    Nowadays, we have a PTA meeting wherein the parents of every student are called and things are discussed. An agenda is passed the Whatsapp group formed and the issues are given in to that will be discussed. Every class has a Whatsapp group where daily activities and any updates are passed to the parents of the class. Every student of the class is a member and the parent can use this facility to get the help of teachers, students and at times their classmate parents to resolve issues that they feel need to be discussed for the betterment of their child. It is compulsory for parents or guidance of the child/ward to attend PTA meeting or a warning is sent to them on their phone. Everything is changing and the use of technology is helping parents to get every update of their children. From the syllabus, teachers in charge, homework, portions, activities, etc are daily updated which can be viewed by the parents.
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    It is neither practical nor advisable to visit children's school regularly. There are lot of ways to monitor the academic and other progress of our school going children. Most schools also do not encourage parents to accompany their children everyday to school. They close the gates after classes begin and open only at the time class ends. However there are PTA (Parents &Teachers Association) in every school and they hold meeting periodically. Parents should attend these meetings and meet teachers if they are called for any purpose.
    Schools have started using modern technology. The parent gets messages regarding attendance, assignment, and examination performance and communication on any important matter regarding their children in school. Some schools need parents' signature in their Diary where many things are communicated and also serve as feedback and progress evaluator.

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    It cannot be accomplished by all the parents to attend the PTA meetings regularly due to various personal problems. Even though schools take enough care to pass the messages relayed to day to day activities still a word with the teacher is essential to improve the students. Sometimes just for skipping the warning and notices relatives come to the PTA meetings which does not make an impact as expected by teachers in some cases.
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    I do not recommend parents visiting the school and meeting the teachers. It would be a hindrance to the teacher as well as the children. Let the teacher and students be free from such external interference. There are PTA meetings conducted quarterly or half-yearly. That's the time to know the performance of our wards in schools.

    Instead, parents also should teach and take classes at home, if they have space, time and knowledge on the subject.

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    Parents should be in contact with the teachers to know about their children's progress. They may go personally and meet or they can contact them on the phone. By doing this you can get a report about your child's progress. That will give you an understanding of the behaviour of your children in your absence. These two inputs will make you have a reliable report about your children. Attending the Parents meeting is good but in that, we can't discuss all the facts openly. So contacting them over the phone may be the best option. A parent-teacher interaction will be useful for the progress of the student,
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    Nowadays parents get all sort of information about the progress of their children from the school through emails or WhatsApp and other such mediums. So it might not be necessary to physically visit the schools often except the annual function or some program where parents are specifically invited. There is another aspect to this that once in a while if parents visit the school even without informing the child then the child would be alert that the parents can visit there anytime without notice and to that extent the child would be alert and would not indulge in anything that is not liked by the parents.
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    Parents are not allowed in many school during school period. Now school authority has made a rule to keep what's app group and edu next through which they update information of children's activity. Besides,they send dairy to parents for signature and feedback where child activity are included regularly. Parents are allowed in monthly PTA and annual function. Sometimes they are allowed in school in emergency case. If you want to see your child activity then you should visit edu next and what's app regularly.

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    The main purpose of the school authorities is to communicate to the guardians regarding the progress of the wards in relation to their studies or their overhaul progress in their studies. However, the school authorities don't like undue interference of the guardians so as to disturb the schedule. For any urgent communication, the teachers communicate through the diary and if they think that the matter is so serious, the teacher would request the guardian to meet the principal. They have the provision of sending quarterly reports of the performance of their wards. Even guardians are intimated to meet the teacher of subject in which he has shown poor performance. Of course, it is a healthy trend so that the guardian can take some corrective step in the event of adverse report. If the overhaul performance of the pupils improve, this would improve the rating of the school as well. In fact, their main objective is to remain ahead in terms of quality education so as to attract the talents for admission.

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