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    While getting clicked

    How do you feel while getting clicked? I really feel a bit awkward or can say shy especially when I go for the passport size photos. The photographer asks me for a decent smile and soon it gets turned into a burst of loud laughter that too before he clicks. Even for normal photos when I am asked to stand with family or friends for a group photo, I really find it difficult to keep a normal, decent smile on my face and that results in odd funny photos. On other occasions, when someone clicks my photo without my notice, it gives better results. What about you? Do you love to get clicked?

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    It's the same case here as even I find it difficult to get a good click when I am asked to. I have found most of my photos to be ugly or not as wanted. Even the passport size photos have some missing elements. Either the smile will be missing or the eyes are down or the face looks rude etc. I have seen some people who just get clicked and has beautiful output. It may be because they have a photogenic face that in any angle, any position, any time, they look beautiful. Thanks to the Apps or photoshop tool that helps to eradicate the fault in our look and make it look much better than the original one. I even wonder how these models and actors click photos back to back and get the best every time. Here, when I am asked to give a pose for a photo, I get so confused that the same gets reflected on the photo.
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    I am a photo-shy person. Not that I am nervous or afraid. I just want to be myself and do not like to project myself. I do not know to smile with teeth showing. I smile with lips closed.
    I do not know how to jostle and get vantage position. I generally get pushed back or pushed to sides. So mostly my face only will be seen vaguely on the fringes. But I do not have complaints. I feel more comfortable. I do not have an FB account.
    Of course when we go on picnic or tour or pilgrimage I like to click photos. I like to keep them as souvenirs and mementos of our trips .Till I started clicking and keeping in mobile phone all our photos are in albums as given from photo labs that developed them.

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    Everyone becomes an actor during a photo session. No one is normal and natural when a photographer asks us to smile before a click. It is not only to Padmini, but many. While we look beautiful with a click without our look at the camera, we don't look good with an informed click.
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    I am not a big fan of getting myself clicked. I love to capture surroundings and nature while exploring new places and a few photographs of family and friends. But I cannot see myself in every photo. Thus, I am not a very big fan of selfies. I feel when we enrol ourselves in photographs, the beauty of nature, somewhat gets overshadowed by our presence, and we dominate the photos trying to look or pose at our best.

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    When someone takes our photos or clicks us then we become conscious. We start to think that people would see these images and what they would be thinking if they are not good or presentable. This consciousness makes our facial expressions a bit deformed and when we try to smile, it becomes a grin. It is a hilarious situation and the onus of not presenting ourselves rests on us only. I have many times asked the photographer to align me as per his ideas to get a good picture and they used to oblige me by moving my shoulders up or sideways and asking me to see straight on the camera lens and things like that. It is always difficult for me to bring a fake smile on such occasions.
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    Same is the case with me. When somebody clicks without telling, the photograph comes much better than what photographs I will get when especially clicked. Either I will be with a serious face or with a peculiar smile. This is observed many times. These days taking a photograph is easy. Everybody will have a camera in their cell phones. From morning to evening we will be taking many selfies and many may be taking our photos. But during earlier days it is a big affair to get a photograph. We have to go to the studio and then go after 2 or 3 days again to collect the photographs. People in the villages used to travel to the nearest town to get a photograph.
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    When we click ourselves, we feel easy and even feel the comfort. When some known person or the relative click the image, we feel some what awkward and try to ease the looks. And when the professional photographer is at the work, actually he gets into the pose, the looks, how to stand and how to create smile etc. I have seen some photographers do not irritate the persons who they are capturing but randomly click them and that would have the wonderful feeling of their moments and that is candid photography for us. What I feel that the person should not look into the camera while clicking and he or she should be indulging in the work and those photos looks so natural and good. Even in marriages and functions some photographers take some exclusive moods of the guests from far end but focused and yet the output would be superb.
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