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    Don't be fascinated too much with the educational qualifications

    While talking to another person neither you know her/his educational qualification nor you are interested to know it. During such a conversation, at times people try to guess others' qualification depending on the way the conversation goes and the way of talking of the other person but it's not necessary to guess such things. While guessing you may imagine that the person must be possessing such and such degree or certificates and may develop a kind of fascination towards that person. Mind it, it's only your imagination that is making a choice based on some assumptions. Based on that, you may think that the person could have given a better solution to one of your problems. Time to time, the frequency of your conversation with that person increases and you started having a high regard for that person. One fine day a friend who also knows that person told you that the other person is not qualified at all and doesn't possess the educational qualification that you imagined earlier. You made some background verification and found what your friend said is true. Your impression towards the other person completely changed and you started behaving differently with that person.

    I hope you will not think that it's all my imagination and this happens in reality with many people. Don't be fascinated too much with educational qualifications. Life is not all about studying books and earning certificates. Even if you are not 'qualified' enough, which is judged by others, you will be able to manage things.

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    Educational qualifications have never fascinated me of getting friendly with others but the way they treat you. My mother has just studied till 5th class but she has more understanding and knowledge about things, relationships, handling situations, solving problems and life. The things that we educated children have never thought of comes from her lips and she only lags in using latest technologies but that has never been her drawback.

    I have many workers who are not technically qualified but due to their experience, they can provide better solutions than we engineers, managers or even client can think of. It is not about the educational qualification that makes a person worth being a friend or close to you. Anyone who can understand you, console you, make you happy and even share your problems is the best person to be with you. I get surprised when I come to know that even after having a minimum qualification, they can solve any problems, face any circumstances, motivate others, provide for their family and enjoy life much better than most of the educated lot.

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    What is your qualification is not important but how you perform is very important. After completing the education when we join for a new job the employer may give you a job that suits your qualifications. But sustaining in that post for a long time your hard work and your efficiency will only be useful. So don't go on thinking about your qualification but plan your hard work and then only you will flourish in your career. This is a fact. It is your minimum responsibility to see that you will be getting updated in the subject which is related to your work and always you should be ahead in the race. Then only you will shine.
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    Qualification helps us to get an entry ticket but maintaining it depends on the skills and knowledge. Now a days since educational institutions have turned education to bushiness its importance has degraded. Qualification may not be valid in a different country and the knowledge will help use to get the things valid. Also If we consider in some counties, they will need some specific degree eg: MS is given importance compared to, MBBS in India wont be valid in some countries , some cases, people have to get into competitive exams.

    Always skills and knowledge should be given importance. Good colleges and good courses offer good placements opportunities which is also a criteria.

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    First of all I take this opportunity to welcome the new member Greeshma to ISC and hope that he might be going through the rules, regulations, and policies of this site and would be contributing in the sections of his interest.

    Coming to the present topic of this thread, I believe that we should not be carried away simply by someone's educational qualifications as that is not the only yardstick for his or her performance. It is true that educational qualification gives the approximate knowledge level which a person might possess but the actual calibre depends on the skills and practical knowledge that he has acquired along with the academic credentials.

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    Certificates are for documentation purposes only but the actual person is how you interact with people to gain confidence just as the author has suggested. The subject knowledge and the way it is expressed to others counts much more than qualified certificates.
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    About thirty years ago, I visited the principal of an Engineering college in Mumbai. He was from my native place and was a rank holder in Engineering. He was about eight years elder to me. On looking at his visiting card I was wonderstruck. He had many degrees. It probably contained all the letters of the alphabet. I was seeing for the first time. Even earlier I had a respect and admiration to him as he was a scholar and was offered job by a very large company seeing his name and photo in newspaper receiving Gold medal from the State Governor.
    This gentleman was a very respected person i the academic circle for his high knowledge and non-corrupt ways.. He was very simple and straight. A man of simple life style and no airs. All those degrees were actually studied and earned by him. None of them were honorary. They were all on diverse fields too.
    He could handle classes in any subject. He used to visit institutions all over India and some institutions abroad too.
    But now after forty years I cannot say with that confidence about additional degrees in the present days. I had been told people getting honorary degrees on payment and influence and other considerations.

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    The replies of the members endorsed my view and many important things were pointed out too. A very important point is mentioned by Greeshma N D @#701586 and that is education has become a business. Since it has become a business, they are advertising in such a way that many are compelled to enrol for some courses which are actually not required.

    Umesh Sir @#701591 has said something interesting that indicates that educational qualification is not the only thing one requires. He used the term 'approximate knowledge level' which is gathered after earning some qualification. You cannot say that your knowledge is complete after earning a qualification and since one can earn it through various means we should not be too fascinated by the educational qualification.

    The example cited by Venkiteswaran Sir @#701619 is really good where he mentioned his lack of confidence in the additional certificates/degrees earned in the present days which may be honorary too. The honorary degrees are one such example that says even if you are not aware of the subject it is possible for someone to receive a degree. In that case, it doesn't serve the purpose of the degrees in any way.


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